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“I will draw youthful hearts to myself…..” – It’s time

Fr. Afonso Wosny, Brazil •

Many people from our International Schoenstatt Family who were at the 100th anniversary of the Covenant of Love in Schoenstatt fondly remember with gratitude all the support, enthusiasm and dedication they saw in the youth volunteers who worked the Jubilee celebration, and surely dream that that presence of the youths from many countries is still maintained around our original source in Vallendar.

School of international leaders of the Boys’ Youth at the Original Shrine – July 2017

Thinking about it and remembering that our work came forth from youthful hearts, on fire for Mary, who gave all for the mission.  The conclusion arose that “it’s time” as is said in a song from one of the CDs from the Colegio Mayor Padre José Kentenich (Father Joseph Kentenich School):  It’s time to reunite youths anew for a time of intense Schoenstatt experiences at the original place for a time of “culture encounter” with the holy place, with communities and especially, for an encounter between youths who are ready to give their all for Father’s mission.

From the 11th of July to the 12th of August, twenty youths from different Latin American countries will be living in Schoenstatt to begin a school of leaders.  All are active members of the Boys’ Youth in their countries of origin and are very enthusiastic about this opportunity to be able to grow spiritually, to also receive formation, and to serve, for example, in the “evening benedictions” at the Original Shrine or whenever they are asked.  These youths want to give and share the youthful power they bring from their Shrines of origin.  We will have something of the “current of returning” which our Father said, but we will also have new allies from the Original Shrine who will transmit in all their countries the gift which is our “Original Shrine and all that surrounds it.”

A lot of space …

20 youths in the Bundesheim

In this first experience of the school for international leaders, Fr. Afonso Wosny , adviser to the Boys’ Youth in Brazil, and Fr. Joselo Zabala, a member of the Council of the Schoenstatt Fathers who lives in Germany, will be accompanying the youths.  The Fathers will be at the service of this experience full-time so that it can have the best possible results, and hopefully, there can be other “editions” of schools for leaders in Schoenstatt.  Some of the youths are working to raise the necessary money to have this experience in Schoenstatt.  Prayers and contributions to the Treasury of Grace have also already begun, as well as the organization.  The House of the Covenant, Bundesheim, will be home for these youths during the time of the school for leaders and although it will be expensive to have twenty youths in “the age of growth” for an entire month in Schoenstatt and in the places related to our Father and Founder, it is a project which, undoubtedly, will be very fruitful for the present and future of our Church and society since it is about future leaders for the new times we are living.

We invite those who want to share with these members of the school of leaders, look for them at the Original Shrine beginning on 11 July, and we ask for your prayers for the fruitfulness of this project.  If you want or would like to help in whatever way you can, your help would be very welcome.  From any economical contribution, to a bag of cookies, or chocolates so these youths can experience home at the Original Shrine.  Let us make a wager for the Youth so that all our hearts can also continue being youthful hearts.

Schoenstatt is … youth setting out

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Original Spanish, 04/07/2017. Translation: Carlos Cantú, , La Feria, USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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