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COSTA RICA, Maria Fischer • On 18 March 2017, after almost 20 years of waiting, conquest, and commitment the greatly desired day finally arrived: Costa Rica has its first shrine! On the morning of this Covenant Day, the Archbishop of San José, José Rafael Quirós Quirós blessed the “Family of Hope” Shrine accompanied by the Bishop of Alajuela, Ángel San Casimiro Fernández O.A.R, with 1,700 people present from all over Costa Rica and many Central American countries, as well as, Schoenstatt Fathers and diocesan priests from Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico,Read More
COSTA RICA, Gonzalo Vega, Michelle Ramírez, Maria Fischer • Is it possible that there are still people who do not know about Central America’s first Schoenstatt Shrine blessing? It is possible… however there are fewer and fewer. Meanwhile the first guests are already traveling to Costa Rica, and greetings and congratulations continue pouring in via travelers, email, Facebook, and videos… Fr. Guillermo Carmona, National Director of the Schoenstatt Movement in Argentina, greets the Schoenstatt Family from Costa Rica with a video message, recalling his stay in the country in 2013,Read More
COSTA RICA, Michelle Ramírez and Maria Fischer • This 18th of March, 2017, is a feast for all Schoenstatt and beyond: The first Schoenstatt Shrine of Costa Rica and all Central America will be blessed, the Shrine “Family of Hope” There will be a live transmission of the blessing via the Youtube-Channel of Schoenstatt Costa Rica. Or just here (the test video will be replaced by the livestream as the transmission begins) The transmission begins at 10:00 AM local time of Costa Rica (12:00 Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil; 4:00 PM Germany,Read More
COSTA RICA, Ileana and Chalo Vega with Maria Fischer • Thursday, 9 February. The future San Jose, Costa Rica Schoenstatt Shrine’s bell was heard for the first time. At about a month from the blessing of “Family of Hope” Shrine, on 18 March, the Shrine cannot just be seen, it can also be heard. Anticipation grows with the race to finish everything for the blessing. “Within these four walls still under construction, one can imagine how we are going to “talk” with the Blessed Mother …” said Chalo Vega, ofRead More
COSTA RICA, Gonzalo Vega and Maria Fischer • On the eve of the first Covenant Day of the year 2017, we looked toward Costa Rica, where in two months’ time, on 18 March, Central America’s greatly anticipated first Shrine will be blessed. Many share the dream of a woman from Germany: “May we spiritually unite to the blessing of Costa Rica’s Shrine during all the Covenant Masses, and perhaps, even with some prayer that they are praying in Costa Rica.  Family from Costa Rica will you give us this gift?”Read More
COSTA RICA,  María Fischer • Twenty years or more of waiting? The first article from Costa Rica, published on in 1999, already spoke of this young, apostolic, growing family’s desire to have their Shrine. Those who visit the Belmonte Shrine in Rome are witnesses of this desire daily. Twelve years ago, a delegation from Costa Rica took their jar to Belmonte; it was a small glass jar entwined with a grapevine, a ribbon in Costa Rica’s colors, and a small wooden shrine with the inscription: “For our future CostaRead More
PARAGUAY, Rosi and Roberto Ruiz • The Blessed Mother had her eyes on our family long before we ever noticed. Looking back in retrospect, we verified many signs of her close presence, manifestations of her love, and of her call to which we responded with a yes before our boys belonged to the Boys’ Youth, and we were pilgrims without knowing it. We were concerned that the Blessed Mother sought a place in our home, since we had became a part of our original group “United to the Shrine,” andRead More
CHILE, Talca, by Patricia Escobar and María Magdalena Prieto • “It was truly an incredible day. It was a little piece of heaven, it was very emotional!” These comments are a sample of what the family from Talca experienced 19 March, the day their Shrine was blessed. “It was wonderful that we could be united at a distance, and thank you very much for participating with us!” Here we share some testimonies of the experiences from this special day, in which everyone participated either near or far, physically or viaRead More

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BELMONTE, by Fr. Darío Gustavo Gatti, Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests, Argentina • Dear friends worldwide, brothers/sisters in Covenant… I have lost a runaway Blessed Mother… she is the hidden Queen of Belmonte shown here in these photos. We have lost track of this picture that has been on pilgrimage for a long time throughout the world since 2004. On the occasion of the Blessing of the Shrine of Rome, Belmonte (8 September 2004), and as we walked through Roman streets, the picture destined for the Shrine’s altar was blownRead More