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First tractor pilgrimage to the “Shrine of Unity”

GERMANY, Renate Siebenkäs •

The Schoenstatt Movement of the Archdiocese of Bamberg in Germany invites this year for the first time to a tractor pilgrimage to Marienberg, to the Shrine of Unity. Pure popular piety, and under the motto: What draws us. —


Departure is Sunday, 04.06.23, around 14:00. The volunteer fire department Dörrnwasserlos regulates the parking. Many thanks for it!

At 14:30 we will celebrate a pilgrimage prayer in front of the Shrine of Unity. Afterwards, each tractor will be blessed individually and each driver, each female driver personally.

The invitation states:

Your tractors have done a lot of work, traveled numerous roads to perform the tasks at hand in the field or forest.

What have your machines pulled over the years?

What draws us to the Marienberg, to the place of pilgrimage of Our Lady?

The tractor pilgrimage would like to invite you to leave everything that pulls at you with our intercessor, the Mother of God, at her place of grace. It is also an opportunity to thank God for accident-free driving, for health in body and soul, for a harmonious community.

Through the intercession of Our Lady, who is our model in faith, may God’s blessings accompany you on all your future paths.

Original: German. Translation: Maria Fischer

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  1. Raymond Rivera says:

    Hello father Hector it’s Raymond Rivera,my mother is Dorothy Rivera we have been looking for you for so long I hope and pray that by the time you read this it catches you in good health .. But this is how we can stay in touch my mother’s phone number is if you would like to stay in touch would be a great her number is 1718-928-8804

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