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The little missionaries from Santa Rita

PARAGUAY, Amada Girett and María Fischer •

Many people had been waiting for 18 May in Santa Rita, department of Alto Paraná. Francisco Pistilli, Bishop of Encarnación, was visiting to celebrate covenant day with the young and vigorous community of this city, and to present the Pilgrim Mothers to a large number of children; who along with their companions had been prepared by Adriana, a Pilgrim Mother missionary, to be the Blessed Mother’s little missionaries.

Waiting eagerly

The expectation was already growing the previous week. In a brief visit to the two wayside shrines of the city: Door to Heaven close to the national highway that unites Ciudad del Este with Encarnación, blessed on the 18 October 2014, and “Full of Grace” on the parish patio. Adriana joyfully related that the Pilgrim Mothers would arrive on time to be presented to the little missionaries on 18 May. “They prepared very seriously”, she commented, “they truly want to be little missionaries!”.

The children who participate in the parish catechesis often meet at the wayside shrine, Adriana said, stressing that the little missionaries are great collaborators of the parish.

Visit at Santa Rita 12 May 2016

The 18th at Santa Rita

On 18 May, 22 children consecrated themselves as little missionaries of the Campaign. Many of the more than seventy Pilgrim Mothers that travel to the houses of Santa Rita returned to the parish in the hands of their missionaries accompanying the Auxiliary and the 22 new, little Pilgrim Mothers for the children.

The 22 little missionaries were distinguishable by the wording on their yellow t-shirts: “I am a little missionary” and “I take the Queen”. Their mission also showed on their radiant little faces.

Bishop Francisco Pistilli blessed each one and he personally presented their Pilgrim Mother to them.

Then everyone went on pilgrimage to the “Full of Grace” Wayside Shrine along with the Bishop to pray, give thanks, renew the Covenant of Love and also pose for the official photo!

“Yes, it was an event filled with great spiritual emotion, to see so many children giving themselves to this great mission”, commented Mima Cardona. “Congratulations to Santa Rita and all the leaders, who have accompanied the children’s training”.

Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Editing: S-L Pimentel, South Africa

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