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PARAGUAY, Julia Troche and Daniel Ávila • This story began on 20 August 2016, which until now, has been the most significant one in my life, rather our lives, because I want to include my whole family. On a winter’s Saturday, at six in the morning, I was taken to the operating room after thirty long days of confinement to give birth to my third child, a boy, after having two girls. We never imagined that our little one would be born with a congenital defect called esophageal atresia, whichRead More
PARAGUAY, Mario Gilberto Enciso • Thirteen years ago, I was called and touched by the Lord with terminal cancer. This also affected all of my love ones most of all my wife, Glady. She carried the yoke of the cross at my side 365 days of the year. I began my treatment at a private clinic, thinking that things were going to improve as far as treatment with specialized doctors, however the professionals and even the Director/owner treated me very badly there. My wife received the same treatment, and theRead More
Argentina, Pehuajó – Marisol Gianotti • On Thursday, 20 April, “A Church reaching out after Easter” was the title of one of the talks in the Parish Hall at Pehuajó, in the Diocese Nueve de Julio. During the presentation, the participants were encouraged to share moments of falling into the temptation of being satisfied with the fact that every dream had ended in supposed failure, and they were left sad, desperate, and angry before the tomb – And on the other hand, what were some Easter experiences that moved usRead More
PARAGUAY, Marcela Encina • I met the Blessed Mother through my mother. She did not belong to the Schoenstatt Movement nor did she belong to any Branch, however, I believe that I saw the most fervent Schoenstatter in her. The picture of the Blessed Mother was present in my house since I can remember. I vividly remember her during my mother’s months of pregnancy waiting for my brother. My parents had prayed to her to grant them a boy after three girls, and I remember they were so grateful forRead More
FRANCIS IN THE UNITED STATES • His first Mass in the United States. In Spanish. A very festive liturgy and the Holy Father won everyone over with his simplicity, humility, his clarity, and politeness in saying what he thinks. “The holy and faithful People of God are not afraid of losing their way; they are afraid of becoming self-enclosed, frozen into élites, clinging to their own security. They know that self-enclosure, in all the many forms it takes, is the cause of so much apathy.” Pope Francis called for aRead More