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ORIGINAL SHRINE, María Victoria Ramírez Jou and Maria Fischer • 22 May 2013, Schoenstatt was in the midst of spiritual preparation and especially organizational preparation for celebrating 100 years of the Covenant of Love Jubilee in the Original Shrine, according to what was almost unanimously decided at Conference 2014. After failure of long negotiations with the Pallottine community, the fact that our house would continue not being “our” house for the Jubilee of our Covenant of Love was accepted. During the afternoon of that day, some news went viral, theRead More
Today, Benjamín Paz responds: He is a nationally Certified Public Accountant; he is married and the father of four children. He has belonged to the Schoenstatt Movement in Tucumán, Argentina, for 20 years. “My wife and I belong to the Family Federation. I was a bursar, a Shrine director, president of the Mater Admirabilis Foundation, couples’ groups facilitator, Family Apostolic League leader, Boy’s Youth group advisor, guardian of the Shrine, a Mary’s volunteer …Most importantly, Blessed Mother, being the father of a Sister of Mary: Sr. Nazaret!” • Now overRead More
By Hildegard Beckmann, Germany, Team GOTTvertrauen [Team Trust in God]• Yesterday, for a gathering, I took on the task of preparing one day of a novena with the subject for that day being: Gratitude. The application arrived quickly on the following day. Monday I went swimming, I did this and that, and when I returned home, my important documents were missing. What a scare! I blocked them all. Before going to the Residents’ Registration Office and the Drivers’ License Office to renew everything, I returned to the swimming pool toRead More
By Fr Egon M. Zillekens, Rector, Schoenstatt Priests’ Federation, Editors • On 18 July 2015 fifty years had passed since the foundation of the Secular Institute of Schoenstatt Fathers, a community of priests that lives the same spirituality as all the other communities and members of the worldwide Schoenstatt Movement, but at the same time serves the entire Schoenstatt Movement as its pars motrix et centralis (its central and moving part), and is hence the focus of interest for everyone. The fifth General Chapter of the Schoenstatt Fathers isRead More
By the editors • “Today I wish to speak to the priests, seminarians, and men and women religious, and offer them some thoughts. I do have some words prepared, but I don’t really feel like reading (laughter from the faithful). So I will give that text to the President of the Conference of Religious so that it can be published,” said Pope Francis on Wednesday 8 July at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Presentation in Quinche. Before speaking to the public, the Pontiff paused in front of theRead More