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EUROPE, Jaroslava Danielová • “I really felt at home” this weekend from May 3rd to fifth in the Schoenstatt Center near Ingolstadt. Together with my husband, I was part of this year’s meeting of the European Forum of Schoenstatt Families. Ten families from seven European countries, Schoenstatt Fathers and Sisters of Mary experienced a unique community. — We began with Holy Mass in the shrine. The opening dinner was very special. Traditionally, each country brings typical dishes. As I like spicy food, I was particularly pleased with the specialties fromRead More
Caminos de santidad matrimonial
ARGENTINA, Editors • The Institute of Marriage and Family of the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) presented the book “Caminos de Santidad Matrimonial” (Paths of Marital Sanctity) by Leonardo Cozzi and Paola Risuleo, members of the Institute of Schoenstatt Families. had already reported on the book immediately after its publication. — Fewer vocations? The coincidence in time is remarkable. On the same day, the Holy See published the Pontifical Yearbook 2024 and the Statistical Yearbook of the Church 2022, in which the number of bishops, priests, religious and deaconsRead More
Primer CIS en República Dominicana
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Catalina Bonilla • Last Sunday, February 11th, in the Victoria Patris Shrine, in the Dominican Republic, the first meeting of the CIS (Schoenstatt Introductory Course) was held with the participation of couples from different areas of Santo Domingo. — This encounter was the first of a series of three, whose objective is to show the participating couples what the Schoenstatt Movement is, its charism and all the gifts that can be received by being part of the Schoenstatt Movement’s Family Branch. The Sisters of Mary who reside inRead More
Padre Raimundo celebra y co-celebra el Padre José Luis Correa en Parroquia Divino Niño en San Salvador el martes 5 de diciembre de 2023.
EL SALVADOR, by Florencia Couto and Claudio Martínez • Advent is a time of hope and renewal, during which we experienced a transition in the Movement in El Salvador. During the week of December 3-7, 2023, Father José Luis Correa, after seven years of commitment, service, and devotion, handed over to Father Raimundo Costa, also Chilean, his role as advisor of the Movement in El Salvador. — These were intensive days, as they were filled with learning, gratitude, love, and guidance. “I am grateful for the warmth, the potential atRead More
Fr. Elmar Busse • If you analyse the publications about Fr. Joseph Kentenich using qualitative content analysis methods from the communication sciences or marketing keyword research, then you will find the snow-white beard as the image mark or logo “Kentenich”, and as a keyword: “early canonization”, “always”, and since 2020: “abuse”. In the following series of articles we want to take a different look at Kentenich: neither the bearded St. Nicholas nor the candidate for canonization, but neither the man suspected of abuse of power or spiritual abuse. — TheRead More
Fortalecimiento Matrimonial El Salvador
El SALVADOR, Claudio Martínez and Patricia Fernández • The Fortalecimiento Matrimonial (Marriage Strengthening) in El Salvador is getting closer and closer. It is coming up in February 2024 and Salvadorans are working hard to make sure that the first edition goes perfectly. As part of this preparation, the Costa Rican couple Felipe and Coca Cruz de Font, who were the coordinators of the Fortalecimiento Matrimonial in Costa Rica and currently lead the “Forta” for young couples in that country, visited El Salvador. — “We see great enthusiasm in the wholeRead More
San Carlos
COSTA RICA, Flora Rojas • During an intensive weekend, the Blessed Mother glorified herself in the diocese of Ciudad Quesada. — With the participation of five couples, the first leadership conference was held in the area. Elementary topics such as the Good Shepherd, the pedagogical goal of Schoenstatt, the laws of organic growth, the laws of organic leadership, the pedagogical style, the practical faith in Divine Providence, the role of the leaders and the guides, and the guidelines for the encounter were discussed. The day began with the celebration ofRead More
matrimonios jovenes
COSTA RICA, Lorena Montoya •  We have started 2023 with 25 new groups of couples (12 adult couples, 9 young couples and three groups of the “Pastoral of Hope” – Remarried couples), for a total of 170 couples. — The young couples are couples from different areas of the country who have been married for less than five years, with an average age of 32. Some of them have received formation in parish family ministries or other movements. This generation is characterized by the fact that a good part ofRead More
ARGENTINA, Lilita and Carlos Ricciardi, Marisa Bulfón • A few years ago, Cecilia Cornacchia and Marisa Bulfón, of the Family Federation, had lost their spouses and, despite being contained by their families and spiritual and social community groups, thought that accompanying widows was something that the Church and religious movements had not developed in an organic and vital way. — Therefore, they thought of and scheduled a meeting to deal with this problem and to see the needs that each one of them might have. They got down to workRead More
SPAIN, Carlos Sáinz de los Terreros • Last Sunday, October 23, we met with couples who had participated in the different sessions of the Workshop for the Strengthening of Marriage (FORTA). Since the first event in September 2015, there have already been nine of them in Spain, in which more than two hundred couples have participated. — FORTA has been an unforgettable experience for all who have participated. But there is a catch: once it has been participated, it cannot be repeated. In response to the concern expressed by manyRead More