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Renovation of the Original Shrine Begun

Re-Opening Probably short before Christmas after Complete Renewal of Roof Timbering

The work on the roof timbering of the Original Shrine has begun; for several weeks, the Shrine will be closed
Die Arbeit am Dachstuhl des Urheiligtums hat angefangen; deshalb ist es für mehrere Wochen geschlossen
The work is accompanied by many prayers.
Die Arbeit wird von vielen Gebeten begleitet.
For several weeks, scaffolding and ladders will be 'marking' the Original Shrine
Für die nächsten Wochen werden Gerüste und Leitern das Bild des Urheiligtums prägen
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(mkf) A gren protective foil covering the roof of the Original Shrine, ladders and scaffolding at the front side: on a rainy November morning the renovation of the Original Shrine begun. As Father Matthias Rummel SAC, director of the Shrine, announced in letters to the Schoenstatt communities, a complete renewal of the roof construction was due and will be carried out in the following months. The re-opening of the Original Shrine is scheduled for short before Christmas.

The renovation was over-due, said Father Rummel. After the month of October with the daily rosary services in the Original Shrine, and after the Feast of All Saints, the Original Shrine was closed for the work on the roof timbering on November 5, 2001. Probably on December 21, Father Rummel said, the Shrine would open again.

Longing for the Place of Grace

On Sunday, November 4, many local Schoenstatt members came to the Original Shrine for a last prayer time in several weeks. The Shrine was beautifully decorated with fall flowers and red roses; a small picture of the Pilgrim Mother stood by the statue of Pallotti, the jar to take in the sheets of paper with the contributions to the Capital of Grace was full, donated flowers and candles filled the sanctuary. "Only on a day like that, when we know that we won't be able to come here for a long time, we really understand how precious our Original Shrine is," said a Schoenstatt member who lives in short distance. "Now we need to practice what all those who live far away do: spiritual visits!" – "It increases the longing," another one added, "and is a good preparation for Christmas!I thought that my heart shrine also needs a renovation, and I'll try to work on it, for the Original Shrine to be more and more our place of grace!" The construction workers will sure be accompanied by many prayers.

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