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COSTA RICA, Fr. José Luis Correa University life has a rhythm, sometimes it is very dizzying, many would consider it impossible to think that students would have time to pray. In Costa Rica “Tempranitos del INCAE (INCAE Early- birds) believe that prayer is precisely the best fuel to sustain the different aspects of life during the time at university. On Friday, 26 May 2017, Alejandro Robles F., the son of a Family Federation couple from Costa Rica, will graduate with honors with a Masters of Business Administration from INCAE (INCAERead More
SPAIN, Javier González • It is difficult to explain completely what Misión País is, and there are a thousand places to start. Despite this, I believe that the most-timely way would be to begin a story, since we are all one, and without being there…it is difficult to understand it. I will tell you the story of a young person who lived in a room without light. In this society, it is very easy to get confused, get lost without wanting to, like the prodigal son trying to find happinessRead More
GUATEMALA, Marta Cristina Pérez and Maria Fischer • The small and very active Schoenstatt Family from Esquipulas, Guatemala, just produced a nice video titled: “What is Schoenstatt?” where several members of this family gave brief testimonies about what Schoenstatt is for each one of them. Selfie of the radio team How is the life and apostolate of the Schoenstatt Family in Esquipulas? There are several Home Shrines, a great deal of parish activity, the Rosary Campaign, Couple and youth groups… Every Saturday, at 7:00 p.m., the Movement’s youths meet inRead More
Fr. Afonso Wosny, Brazil • Many people from our International Schoenstatt Family who were at the 100th anniversary of the Covenant of Love in Schoenstatt fondly remember with gratitude all the support, enthusiasm and dedication they saw in the youth volunteers who worked the Jubilee celebration, and surely dream that that presence of the youths from many countries is still maintained around our original source in Vallendar. School of international leaders of the Boys’ Youth at the Original Shrine – July 2017 Thinking about it and remembering that our workRead More
ITALY, Federico Bauml • Rome, February 18, 2017. Nearly 200 people, members and friends of the Schoenstatt Movement, gathered at the Cor Ecclesiae Shrine for a farewell party for Sister Fatima and Father Alfredo, the two “pillars” of the movement in Italy. Farewells always have a veil of melancholy, especially when it is to say goodbye to someone who has given so much and filled such an important space. It is true, however, that the melancholy of a farewell is always proportional to the joy of shared experiences. Therefore, forRead More
BRAZIL, Fábio Alves via • The Schoenstatt Fathers held their annual gathering for one week, and the Southeast Boys’ Youth extended to them a beautiful invitation for a cantata in honor of the Mother of God and of her Son on 28 January. In the Máximo Trevisan House (Jumas Jaragua House), we began at 8:00 p.m. by introducing all the Schoenstatt Fathers who were at the gathering, and then the Southeast Boys’ Youth were informed about the changes relating to the services of the priest advisers and their activitiesRead More
BRAZIL, Lucas Campana, via • “Missionary Generation With Mary: Christ or nothing!” was the motto enkindling close to 100 young people from Paraná’s different cities to go out on mission and to leave a little of Christ’s love in homes and communities. They gathered at Cornélio Procópio on the afternoon of Friday 13th, for the second pre-mission, organized by the priests. It was full of advice designed to help everything go well on one more mission. Shortly afterwards, at 5:00 p.m. Mass was celebrated as was the moment ofRead More
ARGENTINA, Fr. José María Iturrería • On Monday, 16 January, we began the Camino de Brochero [Brochero’s Road] with a Mass of sending forth at the Shrine of Life and Hope in Córdoba. We received all the symbols that would accompany us on the walk, above all, the enormous number of petitions we received from many places, including Pope Francis’ current intention. We were surprised at how many people entrust their needs to Cura Brochero, and they trusted us to take these petitions to this saint. It is a greatRead More
MÉXICO, Juan David González, Member of the Machomisiones 2016 Organizational Team • In December 2016, 45 youths from the Monterrey Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth went to “La Casita” [Little House] community to begin construction of a place worthy in which to adore and praise our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mother, our Blessed Mother. La Casita is a community located in the state of Nuevo León, México, where approximately 300 people reside. They eagerly awaited the arrival of the missionaries, since the construction of this chapel represented a great desire toRead More
POPE FRANCIS IN ROME, BY Ary Waldir Ramos Díaz vía • “A better world can be built also as a result of your efforts, your desire to change and your generosity,” Pope Francis wrote in his letter addressed to the youth. The Pontiff said that he was “pleased” to announce that in October 2018, the Synod of Bishops will take place under the topic: Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.” “I wanted you to be the centre of attention, because you are in my heart,” said the Pontiff who decidedRead More