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CHILE, Los Pinos, by Isidora González • Reñaca Más Alto is a social project that was born in 2010, at the hands of a group of University Boys’ Youth from Los Pinos: they are youths who are concerned about doing social work with the desire to build humanly and materially, with a committed spirit and generous hearts, they have the gaze of leaders, youths who not only saw a reality that was completely different from theirs just meters from their homes, a reality of which they decided to become aRead More
Interview with Aleix Forcada Zamora • The 3MR project is an initiative of the Schoenstatt Movement’s Madrid youths; its aim was the realization of a non-profit film production seeking to spread Christian values. This film – which was just released – is inspired by M. Raymond’s, O.C.S.O, book, Three Religious Rebels. Aleix Forcada is the director of the project, and the editors of interviewed him. How did the idea of the film emerge? I suppose that it is the result of several currents of life that have been maturingRead More
ACIpress • A group of youths of the Madrid (Spain) Schoenstatt Movement has taken the life of “Three Religious Rebels” to the big screen; it is a novel that relates the renewal of the Cistercian Order on behalf of Saints Roberto de Molesmes, Alberico and Esteban who struggled to recuperate the poverty, simplicity and austerity of early monastic time, confronting misunderstanding from the other the monasteries. The movie is an adaptation of the book with the same title by M. Rayond, and in it the director, Aleix Forcada, affirms thatRead More
USA. By Rodrigo Fernández, Austin, Texas• What an unbelievable experience. I still can’t understand how it happened the way it did. After two months of preparation, meetings, logistic plans, forms and applications and permits and stress; the result was so​ much more than we could have planned. Our Blessed Mother’s hand was very tangibly felt. 1 pm at the cathedral; the cast getting ready, the police double checking the route, the pilgrims signing their release forms. The weather forecast was bad, predicting rain all afternoon. Around a hundred people showedRead More
by Adilia Schweizer, Johannes Höfle and Maria Fischer • Painting exercises?…that can be patented, because there has not been anything like this until now. In reality, a few young people professionally and creatively painted the house chapel white and with sun-drenched pastel colors, while praying and meditating about how to be painters and builders of their own life. In other words, a few youths reflected upon a luminous idea’s creative strength about who they are, why they exist and what they do, and about who is ultimately the one whoRead More
GUATEMALA, org. Marisabel Soto is a university student from Guatemala who fell in love with Schoenstatt, and she dreams of participating in the Movement in Guatemala.  Upon receiving her letter, the editorial team put her in contact with Father Miguel Rodríguez OSB, the initiator of Schoenstatt in Esquípulas, and who with Father Julío Celada, has placed the Schoenstatt Pilgrim MTA on pilgrimage in Alto Veracruz in the northern part of the country.  In her letter, Marisabel tells a story of encounter with Mary through Schoenstatt…and counting on the solidarityRead More