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Cruce de los andes

Posted On 08.02.2023In Covenant Life

Across the mountains

SOUTH AMERICA, ACIprensa /mf • “Fourteen days ago, one hundred youths and a dozen Schoenstatt Fathers left Mendoza to cross the Andes on foot to reach the Marian Shrine in Santiago de Chile. Each day they experienced the sunrise and sunset in prayer, and faith encouraged them to walk 400 kilometers and gave them the strength to arrive. The faith that Jesus hoped to find in his country. The faith that moves mountains or overcomes them. The faith that heals and performs miracles. Our task for today is to askRead More
ITALY, Federico Bauml • This video was made by the Italian Boys’ Youth with the help of all the boys and girls of the parish of the Patron Saints of Italy. —   In this difficult time for our country and the whole world, we try to bring some courage and hope. Let us recite together the Consecration to Mary… and everything will be fine!   Andrà tutto bene – Everything will be fine.   Original: Italian 20.03.20 Translation by: Maria Aragón, Monterrey, Mexico   The covenant of love inRead More
PARAGUAY, Ana Maria Mendoza de Acha, President of Fundaprova • “Lady, give me a job. I don’t want to steal anymore…” This phrase was heard often in the beginning of Mother of Tupãrenda House. They arrived dirty, with sad faces, almost depressed. It is hard to realize that society and the state have pushed them to this situation. In less than a month, seeing them clean, neat, sanitized even their teeth shows that this is the way and the mission.— A large band of young men that do not haveRead More
CHILE, Gabriel Montecinos • On 25 August, in the Cenacle Shrine in Bellavista as part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Men’s Federation in Chile, the first course made their final consecration.  With this they took a very important step towards consolidating their autonomy.  For more than a decade, the task for the founding process, emerging from the International Family Council fell to Fr. Mariano Irureta and Jorge Westphal.— Those who made their final consecration are: José María Fuentes, Guillermo Frez, Rafael Ojeda, AngelRead More
ARGENTINA, Fr. José María Iturrería • We arrived! After six days and 150 km of pilgrimage, “Brochero’s mailmen” arrived at the Shrine of the Virgen del Tránsito and of Cura Brochero, where the remains of the Argentinean saint rest. “Brochero Road!…Following the footsteps of the Saint!” was the motto that resounded in shouts several times inside the church filled with people of all ages, all devoted to the Holy Priest. We had arrived, and we shared our joy with everyone who saw us, after the great physical effort and aRead More