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BRAZIL, Joelma Melo • Being the salt of the earth and light of the world is a difficult mission and disturbing, which can become even more daring within a scenario of violence and sorrow, as is the case of a police station. In the midst of this environment of daily difficulties, Joelma Melo finds places to transmit God’s love. She belongs to the Schoenstatt Women’s Federation.  — Being salt of the earth and light of the world! I am a civil policewoman in Río de Janeiro, where I worked asRead More
ROMA BELMONTE, Brigitte Krompass, Schoenstatt Women’s Federation • The Holy Spirit symbol, which had been given in advance, was not installed during the blessing of the Belmonte Shrine – a Holy Spirit current was missing. At first the Holy Spirit remained very peaceful. The symbol was in a small Belmonte community, which took care of the shrine and its mission; it was like in the time of the early Church where the believers were gathered around Mary, who already had her throne in the shrine, the Belmonte community looked toRead More
ROME BELMONTE, Bettina Betzner and Maria Fischer • On the feast of Pentecost, Schoentatt also celebrated the golden jubilee of the Shrine belonging the Apostolic Women’s Federation. This shrine was blessed by Fr. Joseph Kentenich on the feast of Pentecost 50 years ago. The plaque with the Father-Holy Spirit symbol from the wayside shrine at Belmonte was present at the celebration. This is the same symbol that can still be found today at the entrance to the property at Belmonte and is a reminder of the simple wayside shrine blessedRead More
GERMANY, Maria Fischer • It was a sunny and warm afternoon in July of 2012, in the center of Stuttgart, in Theresia Zehnder’s well-lit and smartly furnished apartment.  Already an octogenarian, only recently she had worked as a photographer in her studio “Hostrup.”  She had coffee and sweets on the table while the camera and microphone were being set up.  A perfect professional: “Will my photo picture be OK?” she asked me, “I do not want it to be a simple snapshot!”  Oh, Oh, Oh… She had taken photos ofRead More