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PARAGUAY, Amada Girett • Santa Rita is a city in the Alto Paraná Department, in Paraguay; it was founded in 1973, and is located 340 km. east of Asunción and 70 km. from the Triple Border (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay). On 18 October, the Wayside Shrine, La Llena de Gracias [Full of Grace], was inaugurated and blessed. Everything was very beautiful with consecration prayers, and there was trust on both sides. It is a place for gathering, of prayer, and of attachment. The missionaries from Santa Rita go on pilgrimageRead More
Argentina, Tucumán, by Silvia Sibay • Almost ten years ago, on September 8, 2005, three Schoenstatt Father novices made one of the legacies of their stay at Tucumán a reality: the construction and the blessing of a Wayside Shrine of our beloved Blessed Mother at Padilla Hospital, the place where they were carrying out their social work practicum. The pioneers: Joaquín, Claudio, and Manu sowed the seed. Today two of them are Schoenstatt Fathers: Fr. Claudio Martínez Felmer (Chile) and Fr. Manuel López Naón (Argentina). When they had to leave,Read More

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A missionary boy

ARGENTINA, Goya, Inés Petiti and Maria Fischer • Juan Bautista is six-years old, and he is a new Pilgrim MTA little missionary. He offers his hands, his feet and his heart to walk with the Pilgrim MTA. As a gift for the 17th anniversary of the Rosary Campaign, which will be celebrated at the wayside shrine of Goya on August 18th, Juan Bautista, offers his childlike innocence with loving trust and with great love for the Blessed Mother accompanying Mary and taking her to his friends, so that Jesus canRead More
BRAZIL, Francisco Jales Junior • On Sunday 26 July, the first diocesan meeting of the Men’s Rosary in Jandius, in Rio Grande do Norte was held. The morning-long programme brought together hundreds of men and their families from various neighbouring municipalities. This is a regular event in the Men’s Rosary annual programme in Santa Luiza de Mossoró Diocese, which holds a diocesan meeting every two months in the towns that falling within the diocese. The diocesan coordinating team fulfilled their aim, bringing together more than 600 men at the MunicipalRead More
Chile, by Antonio Barschiesi Ferrari • On October 18, 2012, the Schoenstatt Family of Villa Aleman enthroned the picture of the Blessed Mother in a wayside shrine of the La Asunción Peña Blanca Parish located in the eastern sector of the commune. During these two years the Schoenstatters have integrated themselves into the life of the church with strength and joy. They have participated in the Parish Council, are in charge of some of the Holy Masses, collaborate in catechesis, health pastoral, workshops for parents, couples pastoral and a longRead More
ARGENTINA, City Bell, by Cristina Levaggi • Schoenstatters of the Mother Thrice Admirable’s Wayside Shrine in City Bell, Argentina, share an enormous joy that they experienced on May 17, 1915. For forty years they have dreamed and created a Covenant culture in all their pastoral and social activities in the Barrio El Ombú [El Ombú Neighborhood]. Now it concerned a project that would combine art and love in honor of the Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt: the Blessed Mother’s mural. On May 17, they inaugurated the mural as a gift forRead More