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PARAGUAY, by Rafael Vera, Mima Cardona and Maria Fischer • On 16 January 2015, during a visit from a youth group in an outlying neighborhood of Capiatá. Rafael Vera, of the Pilgrim Mother Campaign Youth Ministry asked a WhatsaApp campaign missionary group: “Is there a Pilgrim Mother for the visually impaired in Paraguay?” They had found Marciana Roda, who lives on Km. 21 in the San José de Capiatá neighborhood: “She lives alone, without help. The neighbors bathe her. She does not have fingers and she is blind…” She needsRead More
ARGENTINA, Diocese of Morón, by Rosita Ciola • The first MTA Wayside Shrine for the visually impaired in the whole world was blessed seventeen years ago at El Palomar, Diocese of Morón. She chose this place, this neighborhood, this moment to establish her throne of graces and to remain with us forever. Blessed by God’s love and the Blessed Mother’s presence, since then and continuing today, there has an abundant fruitful life around this place. In the midst of her people The wayside shrine is located on a very busyRead More