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ARGENTINA, Nazareth Rodríguez de Bella • The Virgin of Lujan, patroness of Argentina, came to visit the Casa del Niño “Maria de Nazareth” in Villa Ballester, in the context of a mission in Barrio 9 de Julio, from July 7 to July 17. — Together with Fr. Adolfo Bernassi, four missionaries: Pedro, Juan, José, and Norberto, came to go on mission in the neighborhood and take the Blessed Mother from house to house. They gave everyone medallions of the Virgin of Lujan and told the story of how she wantedRead More
Casa del Niño Villa Ballester
ARGENTINA, Maria Fischer • Waiting for us at the door of the Casa del Niño “Maria de Nazareth”, this rainy day at the end of November: Tita Rodriguez, Karin Gyukits from the Management Committee, Diana Zdrojewski, Social Worker and since recently Director of the Casa, each of them eager to show us how the Casa works today and the improvements that could be made since my first and last visit in 2015. We go to the kitchen, say hello to the cooks, go to the Montessori Room, and suddenly weRead More