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Brazil, Fr. Matheus da Silva Bernardes • The text published by the Schoenstatt General Presidium on the official website on 10 March 2021 is in keeping with the tone of previous texts, that is, the absence of constructive self-criticism and the complete inability to emphathize with victims of abuse. – Just when we thought that all of the issues around Fr. Joseph Kentenich, the founder of the International Schoenstatt Movement, were beginning to calm down, the emergence of new situations show that the matter is far from closed. ThisRead More
COVENANT SOLIDARITY, Sarah-Leah Pimentel • A terrible cyclone that swept through parts of Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe has left a wake of destruction. The worst hit area, according to media reports, is Beira, Mozambique’s fourth largest city with a population of over 500,000 people.— The authorities fear that over 1,000 people were killed and that initial footage suggests that 90% of the city has been destroyed. Roads and bridges have been swept away. Buildings were destroyed, and a dam burst, further inundating the town. They have been without electricity forRead More

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#PrayforBerlin • With our prayers, we are with the victims of Berlin, with their families and friends, with the helpers, the medical staff, the police, the journalists, the politicians who are carrying such a heavy load and responsability now. Mary, Mother of God, our Mother, their Mother, bless them, comfort them, guard them all in this night and in these days. On Christmas. Them all, in Zurich, in Turkey, in Syria and at all those places of suffering, violence and war that do not make it to the media. TitleRead More
Editorial staff • Again. Again deaths, injured, desperate families,  horrified friends. This time, in Lahore, in Pakistan and just at Easter. At least 65 people are dead and more than 300 seriously injured after the suicide attack on this Easter Sunday. A heavy explosion in the parking lot of a park in the metropolis of Lahore. The explosive device detonated very close to the children’s swings. The park and the parking lot are full of families. Most of the dead are children and their mothers. The Taliban have confessed thatRead More