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URUGUAY, Providencia Educational Center • On Saturday, August 5, at the Providencia Educational Center in Montevideo, we held a new Maintenance Day, an instance of encounter, enjoyment and exchange with our entire educational community, educators, families, and children. — One of the main axes of the day has to do with the improvement and care of the center’s campus. For this, the Family Commissions of Providencia, together with the educators, are responsible for the logistics and organization of this Day, “we all put our small contributions together to see whatRead More
URUGUAY, Alexandra Kempff / Maria Fischer • Jorge “Toto” Da Silveira, a well-known journalist from Uruguay, died Tuesday, July 4, in Montevideo at the age of 79. We found an interview conducted by Nicolás Lauber in Diario El País, Uruguay, in September 2022, and republished on July 4, 2023, in Diario de Carmelo, a town about 75 km north of Colonia del Sacramento. In this interview, Da Silveira talks about his attachment to the Schoenstatt Shrine of Nueva Helvecia, the first Daughter Shrine. -Jorge “Toto” Da Silveira, a well-known journalistRead More
En el marco de la propuesta que lleva adelante el Club de Niños, uno de los cinco programas educativos del Centro Educativo Providencia en Montevideo, los estudiantes de segundo año junto a educadores llevaron adelante el proyecto “Plazas que unen
URUGUAY, Providencia Educational Center • The methodology of Solidarity Learning and Service (AYSS) is an active learning proposal, in which students are the protagonists of the activities, using the knowledge acquired in other educational spaces to address the real needs of a community, working in it. Students who participate in AYSS projects, learn through experience, and perform a social action for the community. — Within the framework of the proposal carried out by the Children’s Club, one of the five educational programs of the Providencia Educational Center in Montevideo, secondRead More
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ARGENTINA, Juan Barbosa • When I took my first steps in Schoenstatt in 1986, I was told that there were many shrines like the one in Villa Warcalde, Córdoba (Shrine of Solidarity, inaugurated in 1968), but one was very special because it was the first. Through the initiative of the Sisters of Mary, the Shrine of Nueva Helvecia, Uruguay, has poured out its graces since 1943. A great love story with our Mother Thrice Admirable and so far from the Original Shrine! — As always…Mary surprises us at every moment!Read More
URUGUAY, www.providencia.org.uy • Community involvement, collaboration with other institutions, and the ability to build with other participants in society are fundamental keys to Providencia’s daily work. In this regard, being able to build and work with the formal education institutions attended by the children who attend the Children’s Club and Youth Center is fundamental to accompany their educational path. — The complementary nature of these programs to formal education, being able to share the experiences of each center and implement joint strategies, allows us to better accompany the children’s educationalRead More
URUGUAY, via www.providencia.org.uy • The Youth Center made a big bet in 2021 to grow in number of students who are participating in the space, as well as in the general proposal so that it will be of an increasingly higher quality. “The Youth Center has been growing a lot year by year”, highlighted Florencia Cruces, coordinator of the program. This educational program seeks to accompany the students in discovering themselves, discovering themselves with others, growing, developing and dreaming about who they want to be. — In 2021 the YouthRead More
URUGUAY, Totus Tuus Mission • The Totus Tuus is the mission organized by the Schoenstatt Youth of Uruguay with 4th, 5th and 6th graders missionaries. In this 2021 year, it took place from Octobre 29th to 31st in Casabó (a neighborhood of Montevideo), with a total of 100 people. — Facundo Micheloni was invited by his brother; here he shares his experience: I came to Schoenstatt last year because my brother invited me. However, I did not know if it was really worth it to miss a whole weekend toRead More
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URUGUAY, Providencia • The pandemic continues to impact children and young people. In many countries, as soon as schools reopened, they had to close their doors again. Children and young people not only lose time for learning, they also miss their classmates, games… and for parents, organizing themselves between childcare, homeschooling and teleworking is very challenging. Not to mention the constant fear of catching the disease and leaving their family members at risk and unable to care for them. In addition, for many children from vulnerable sectors, school meals areRead More
URUGUAY, Gabriela Boffano/Maria Fischer • Uruguay is the country of the first daughter shrine of the Original Shrine in the world – A shrine in the small town of Nueva Helvecia, located about 60 km from Colonia del Sacramento and 130 km from the capital, Montevideo. But Uruguay is also the country of only one daughter shrine. In Montevideo they have long desired the construction of a daughter shrine, and years ago the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign conquered the altar for it. — For a long time, this altar wasRead More
URUGUAY, via www.schoenstatt.org.uy • Cardinal Daniel Sturla celebrated the year-end Mass at the Oncology Hospital. The altar and chairs were set up in the large entrance hall so that everyone could participate and still maintain all the health protocols related to the pandemic. — A picture of the Pilgrim Mother and the unity cross were placed on the altar. Several priests from the Health Pastoral Ministry concelebrated the Mass with the Archbishop of Montevideo. Several patients and people who work at the hospital attended the Mass. We thank the PilgrimRead More