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POPE FRANCIS, Journey to Mongolia • As usual, in his catechesis at the Wednesday general audience following his return from an apostolic journey, Pope Francis retraced the most significant stages of the country he visited: Mongolia, with barely 2,000 Catholics. He stressed the need to widen the limits of our gaze, to widen our heart in order to understand each person, each culture. — “Thinking of the boundless and silent expanses of Mongolia, let us be stirred by the need to extend the confines of our gaze, please: broaden theRead More
An interview with Fr Christoph Löhr • What does Belmonte stand for? As Schoenstatters we immediately answer: For our Father and Founder, Fr Joseph Kentenich’s, vision of the future; but today, as those responsible for the building and management noted during our meeting with our colleagues for fundraising and communication, that has to be spelled out in detail: What is this vision of the future? This gives rise to the question: What is the future of the Church? How can the togetherness of priests and laity be re-ordered so thatRead More