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FRANCIS IN PARAGUAY, Marité and Ramón Marini / Maria Fischer • It has been over three weeks since Pope Francis celebrated the massive Mass at Ñu Guazú, on the outskirts of Asunción with almost two million pilgrims. We 1remember the very beautiful corn and coconut altar containing the names, concerns, and petitions of thousands of people that were written on the coconuts. We remember José Argüello’s story and photos of the night vigil with the title: “Serving with feet in the mud” Here we are, trying to absorb all of theRead More
LATIN AMERICA, Jorge Armas, Generación Francisco • Bañado Norte in Asunción, where more than 30 thousand people live, is one of many neighbourhoods in Latin America where one can clearly see the “existential peripheries and the social trash” produced by “civilisation that has gone too far” as well opposite that comes from the people: radically humanising neighbourliness, committed solidarity and deep faith. Pope Francis promised to visit his brothers in Bañado, rain or shine. And so he did. Entering one of the tin shanties, an 85-year old man hugged him,Read More
By the editors • “Today I wish to speak to the priests, seminarians, and men and women religious, and offer them some thoughts. I do have some words prepared, but I don’t really feel like reading (laughter from the faithful). So I will give that text to the President of the Conference of Religious so that it can be published,” said Pope Francis on Wednesday 8 July at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Presentation in Quinche. Before speaking to the public, the Pontiff paused in front of theRead More
By the editor • During the Mass celebrated on 8 July at the Parque del Bicentenario in Quito and dedicated to the evangelisation of people, Pope Francis reflected on two fundamental concepts necessary in proclaiming the Good News: freedom and unity. Francis challenged the faithful to make the Word of God known, not with “grand words, or complicated concepts, but with ‘the joy of the Gospel.'” He once again highlighted the importance of “unity” so that the “world may believe.” “Evangelization does not consist in proselytizing, but…attracting by our witnessRead More
By the editor • For a moment during the live transmission, we can see a man with a large picture of our Mother Thrice Admirable in his hands. It is a beautiful illustration of Pope Francis’ message at the Mass in Guayaquil, Ecuador, a message about Mary as mother and about the great hope: “And the best wine is yet to come, in spite of all the variables and statistics which say otherwise…” During the Holy Mass dedicated to the Family at the Los Samanes Park in Guayaquil, Pope FrancisRead More