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ORIGINAL SHRINE, Maria Fischer, Roberto Gonzalez • Just in front of the Original Shrine there is a beautiful pine tree. It will soon be the Holy Night. … The lights are already shining out … — The beautiful Colorado Spruce that used to grow behind the Original Shrine has grown too large and had to be felled. However, in the time of Christmas it will have an honourable task to fulfil, because it has become the Christmas tree of the Original. It is not quite as tall and imposing asRead More
BELMONTE, Rome, by Maria Fischer • Just looking at the streams of water was enough to feel refreshed beneath the scorching heat during that time in Rome and also on the grounds close to the Shrine of all of us in Belmonte. Despite the high temperature, everything around the Shrine was green. Gianni Stampone watered the grounds that late summer afternoon, taking care to save water, but also taking into account the trees and the grass that need a lot of water. It was a little difficult to take himRead More