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From Carmen Reinle and Maria Fischer • A tomato seed is a promise for the future. It promises seedlings and plants, it promises tasty, bright red tomatoes. “Belmonte” is a similar promise. In 1965 the worldwide Schoenstatt Movement promised it as a gift to their founder on his eightieth birthday.  A gift to be gifted to the Church. In 2003/2004 we got there – the forty-year-old promise was finally carried out. In Rome, the city of the Popes, a Schoenstatt shrine was built. On an icy winter’s day the foundationRead More
A letter to the friends and collaborators of Belmonte • Dear Friends and Colleagues of Belmonte, On 8 December we will remember the fiftieth anniversary of the General Presidium’s promise to our Father and Prophet with regard to Belmonte. It looks like we are the Schoenstatt generation that will be able to carry out this promise. The completion of the Domes Pater Kentenich is within reach. We are approaching an historical event. The fact that we have had to overcome so many obstacles, and expend so much patience, emphasises theRead More