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URUGUAY, by María Lluberas • Although not everyone sees it, many believe that the Salto wayside shrine was the Blessed Mother’s dream for many years, long before these past two years when we were working on “conquering” it strongly within the groups. Why do we believe this?  Because as the days pass, we are becoming aware of more stories that associate the Blessed Mother with this little square, this area, with the neighborhood and its people. Day of the blessing A dump– transformed into a shrine Let us recall:  TheRead More
BRAZIL, Karen Bueno in maeperegrina.org.br • A square with a Father’s name, or better put, a Father and Founder’s. Londrina/PR recently inaugurated grounds named Fr. Joseph Kentenich Square. In the Gleba Fazenda Palhano neighborhood, at the intersection of Zuinglio and Martin Luther Street now bears the name of Schoenstatt’s Founder. Alderman Rony dos Santos Alves introduced city ordinance number 12.261 because, according to him, “The first and simple reason is the square is next to the Mater Ter Admirabilis Training Center, and above all, for all the work that Fr.Read More