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GERMANY, Maria Fischer • “I think you owe it to the honour of our heavenly Mother to pass on all your experiences in which Mary played a role. I will publish what is useful to honour Mary and inspire all the Sodalists. You will, therefore, find parts of the letters you and other Sodalists have written in the new Fahne (Flag)[1]. So please help me to educate our Sodalists and others.” A letter from Fr Kentenich to Josef Fischer, Prefect of the Schoenstatt Student Sodality of 21 March 1915, exactlyRead More
Fr. Martin Emge • On the night of 29 December, an especially bright star was over Mount Schoenstatt. Schoenstatters from all the Branches and Communities gathered at the Father Kentenich House, in our Father’s spirit. Just like the wise Three Kings, the wise men of the Institute of Priests imitated their founder, and they sought the stellar moments of the past year in Schoenstatt as well as on Rome’s most beautiful hill. Belmonte’s Wise men The first Wise man arrived from the Swabia region of Germany– Pastor Armin Noppenberger, oneRead More