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By Agustín José Lombardi, an argentinean living in Guarapuava, Brazil • When we speak about originality within the movement, we normally refer to specific characteristics of Schoenstatt’s charism and pedagogy. Almost immediately, we connect this originality to the invitation our father and founder made to Mary, that she establish her abode in the Shrine and from there pour out her graces as intercessor. After a hundred years of history, we realize that Schoenstatt’s originality manifests itself through the characteristics that the Movement has developed in the countries where the cultureRead More
Father Adolfo Losada answers today, he belongs to the Federation of Priests, Tabor de María Course- Shrine of the Presbyters Fathers of La Plata, Buenos, Argentina • Six months into the pilgrimage through the covenant of love’s second century… what is your dream for this Schoenstatt in who we are and where we find ourselves in the church and in the world, and in our mission? Two things come to my soul like a voice: An echo that we repeated a year ago without tiring “Your Covenant, our mission”, and twoRead More