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HAPPY AND BLESSED EASTER TIME 2018• He is raised! We share the greatest message ever, and we share Pope Francis challenging sermon during Easter Vigil 2018.   Wishing all our readers an Easter earthquake ! — We began this celebration outside, plunged in the darkness of the night and the cold.  We felt an oppressive silence at the death of the Lord, a silence with which each of us can identify, a silence that penetrates to the depths of the heart of every disciple, who stands wordless before the cross.Read More
CRUZADA DE MARIA 2018, Andrés Romero • The day began very early. We awoke at 4:00 am to get an early start in order to beat the sun. There is something unique in that first hour, it is quiet, and it helps us to conquer our inner mission. We set out already feeling the inconveniences, pain, and weariness from the previous day. We walked another 28 kilometers and through the silence and weariness, Christ became more and more present.   With every step I took, you were with me IRead More
WYD2016, by Maria Fischer • “Lord, have mercy on your people. Lord, we ask pardon for such cruelty.” This was the message Pope Francis left in the visitors’ book in Auschwitz-Birkenau, the only words he pronounced in this place where horror surpasses words, the imagination, capable of human thought. It is a place that leaves us powerless, destroyed, afraid, horrified at what human beings were capable of doing to other human beings. The Pope did not say anything. He took his time. He simply remained there, in silence, in prayer.Read More