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INDIA, by Maria Fischer • Did you know there was a Schoenstatt Shrine in Kuttur, India? The editors of admit that they didn’t. That is why almost one year after it`s blessing on August 31, 2014, this shrine is appearing for the first time on – proving once again that, which serves the whole of Schoenstatt, is “nothing” without the motivated volunteer correspondents who feel urged to communicate – via – to all Schoenstatt about what God and his instruments bring about in their their region,Read More
By Hildegard Beckmann, Confidence in God Team – Covenant of Love with God the Father  (German website) • For a week, I was at the Oberkirch Schoenstatt Center in the Black Forest. Upon arriving, the first thing I wanted to do was to visit the shrine, but it was empty, because it needed a new coat of paint. I thought, “Great for me.” That week (a little before Easter) was about a renewal and spiritual re-orientation, and that visit was a sign. The following day (Eve of the Feast of theRead More
Today, Sebastián Acha, from Asunción, Paraguay answers: He is a former leader of the Secondary Boys’ Youth, during his time; he is the founder of Patria Querida [Beloved Nation] (a political party that was born from Schoenstatt, and a former two term member of the national Chamber of Deputies •   Six months into the pilgrimage through the second century of the covenant of love… what is your dream for this Schoenstatt in who we are and where we find ourselves in the church and in the world, and inRead More
MÉXICO, by Cristina Rosales • On Sunday, 17 May, the eve of the actual day, the Monterrey, Mexico, Schoenstatt Family joyfully celebrated their 13th anniversary. The weather forecast for that week predicted heavy rains throughout the week, including the weekend, but after great trust in the Mother of God, they experienced a spectacular weekend. Being a part of this beautiful family and being a part of the history we are weaving day by day has been a before and after experience in my personal life, transforming me interiorly in waysRead More
SOUTH AFRICA, Sarah-Leah Pimentel • For some time there has been a growing unease in Burundi. Lauded as a success story in the mid-90s for emerging from a bloody civil war into peace time democracy, Burundi’s golden fairytale has come to an end. A few months ago, the first whispers that not all was well in the small country began to surface. The whispers became rumours, rumour became fear, fear brought back memories of the dark days of war and ethnic tensions. The first few people began to leave theRead More
CHILE, Talca, by Carlos Montoya and Paulina Tapia • In the year 1992, in Tacla, a group of couples gathered for the first time in the home of Fernando Bobenrieth and Martita Kulkis to begin their road to Schoenstatt. Father Horacio Rivas arrived very soon to these lands; the following year, the first Covenants of Love were sealed, and two years later the Wayside Shrine was blessed. This is how the Schoenstatt in Talca was born, which has grown in Covenant life throughout twenty-three years with abundant contributions to theRead More
PARAGUAY, María Fischer • We were almost leaving, bidding farewell once again to this young and a struggling mother, who can barely speak Spanish, but at least she understands our language better than we understand her Guaraní. We understood the pride and gratitude of her gestures when she showed us her garden, her plants, and above all her little house, which is very small but clean and painted a light turquoise. While her daughter, Luz, a timid little girl, with difficulty moving her hands and feet, simply smiled and lookedRead More
Today, Diana and Alejandro Caballero, from Ypacarai, Paraguay, who are in charge of the Pastoral of the Shrine of Tupãrenda, answer • Six months into the pilgrimage through the second century of the Covenant of Love….what is your dream for this Schoenstatt in who we are and where we find ourselves in the church and in the world, and in our mission? We dream with a Schoenstatt Movement that continues to go out to encounter so many people, who need to be close to the Blessed Mother so that they canRead More
BRAZIL, São Paulo, Sueli Vilarinho – Family League • In 2009, the Jaraguá Family League instituted 15 April as an annual commemoration of the home shrine, following the 60th anniversary of the Santa Maria letter. Fr. Antiono Bracht and Raquel Padilla were responsible for this current of life, faith and a welcome to all families on behalf of the Jaraguá Family League. League leaders Sheila and Alex Formigoni, and directors Fr. Vandemir Meister and Raquel Padilla have worked very hard to cultivate and strengthen this life current, and as aRead More
ARGENTINA, Rawson, Verónica Presas • The 35th Anniversary of Schoenstatt’s birth in this area of Patagonia was celebrated joyfully. On 28 March, the Schoenstatt Family gathered to commemorate the beginnings: the first meeting of the Girls’ Youth that in time was recognized as the founding meeting of the Schoenstatt Family in the cities of Rawson, Trelew and Puerto Madryn. By your hand, with the desire of a Shrine The origins were recalled with emotion and nostalgia, which strengthens the family attachments, but moreover, it stirred a new desire to re-foundRead More