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Rome,  Belmonte, Fr. Daniel Lozano • So far I have always written to you that Belmonte is our Father’s dream. Today the words of Pope Frances to children in the USA still echoes in my ears: The Sacred Scriptures show us the Believer as a person who dreams and creates peace. This has inspired me to say that our Father’s dream is also MY DREAM, OUR DREAM. Dreams …, yes, dreaming of the gift we want to give Fr Kentenich: BELMONTE. What happens to us when we have a wonderfulRead More
CHILE, Pastoral Santuario Tierra Escogida de Talca • The picture of the Blessed Mother arrived recently at her Tierra Escogida de Talca [Chosen Land of Talca]. She traveled from the Bellavista Shrine with Sister Angela and two couples, who belong to the Family, escorting her. A large number of families, ladies, youths and pilgrims waited for her along with Fr. Miguel and Sister Ivonne. They gratefully welcomed this great gift from the Sisters of Mary Institute with white handkerchiefs, flowers, songs and a large poster that read: Rejoice Mary, TierraRead More

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BRAZIL, Mechthild Jahn and Renate Dekker • The Blessed Mother is loyal. Just as she followed our Father into exile in Milwaukee, so she has remained faithful to us. She has chosen a little place just in our parish of St John the Evangelist in Biguaçu, in Florianopolis. Already during our visit to Germany we heard that a shrine was to be built in the province of Santa Catarina, but no one knew where. Through telephone calls and a search on Google Maps we discovered the place. Once we arrivedRead More
ARGENTINA, Cristian Herrera –Ministry of Government, Justice and Worship Press • On Wednesday, 7 October, at the Ministry of Government, Justice and Worship of San Luis, Eduardo D’Onofrio welcomed Agustín Milano, Pierina Monte Riso, Pablo Mínguez, Agustina Monte and Matís Moyano, members of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement, for the purpose of carrying out another edition of the Marian Youth Walk. The adviser of the Movement, Fr. Alan Sosa Tell, a member of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests, accompanied the youths. Sebastían Scatena, leader of Institutional and Worship Relations’ Program,Read More
ROME, Belmonte, from Maria Fischer • 8 September 2015, eleventh anniversary of the dedication of the shrine of all of us in Rome. The Italian Schoenstatt Family had already celebrated the anniversary on Sunday – “for the last time on a building site”, as Davide Russo put it. At any rate, the talks and Holy Mass no longer took place in a rented tent as in the past; the entrance hall to the Domus Pater Kentenich has been used for that since the Jubilee pilgrimage in October 2014. So manyRead More
ITALY, Pamela Fabiano • On 25 October many years ago, Divine Providence chose a small place in the shadow of St. Peters’ Basilica in Rome, where Mary Most Blessed elected to dwell, and lives as the Heart of the Church, at the service of the Church, and as a solicitous Mother always ready to welcome her children. This small place is the Shrine Cor Ecclesiae situated on Old Aurelia Road, 112-Rome, and is administered and cared for by the Institute of the Sisters of Mary of Schoenstatt, who are atRead More
INDIA, by Maria Fischer • Did you know there was a Schoenstatt Shrine in Kuttur, India? The editors of admit that they didn’t. That is why almost one year after it`s blessing on August 31, 2014, this shrine is appearing for the first time on – proving once again that, which serves the whole of Schoenstatt, is “nothing” without the motivated volunteer correspondents who feel urged to communicate – via – to all Schoenstatt about what God and his instruments bring about in their their region,Read More
By Hildegard Beckmann, Confidence in God Team – Covenant of Love with God the Father  (German website) • For a week, I was at the Oberkirch Schoenstatt Center in the Black Forest. Upon arriving, the first thing I wanted to do was to visit the shrine, but it was empty, because it needed a new coat of paint. I thought, “Great for me.” That week (a little before Easter) was about a renewal and spiritual re-orientation, and that visit was a sign. The following day (Eve of the Feast of theRead More
Today, Sebastián Acha, from Asunción, Paraguay answers: He is a former leader of the Secondary Boys’ Youth, during his time; he is the founder of Patria Querida [Beloved Nation] (a political party that was born from Schoenstatt, and a former two term member of the national Chamber of Deputies •   Six months into the pilgrimage through the second century of the covenant of love… what is your dream for this Schoenstatt in who we are and where we find ourselves in the church and in the world, and inRead More
MÉXICO, by Cristina Rosales • On Sunday, 17 May, the eve of the actual day, the Monterrey, Mexico, Schoenstatt Family joyfully celebrated their 13th anniversary. The weather forecast for that week predicted heavy rains throughout the week, including the weekend, but after great trust in the Mother of God, they experienced a spectacular weekend. Being a part of this beautiful family and being a part of the history we are weaving day by day has been a before and after experience in my personal life, transforming me interiorly in waysRead More