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CHILE, Talca • The Blessed Mother is already in her house! So many people were present at this moment of grace, so many could be present thanks to the transmission. Welcome, pilgrim, to this place of grace, the Chosen Land, the new Shrine in Talca!   In the map of the shrines Photos: Juan Carlos Berner, Alejandro ReidRead More
ARGENTINA, by Claudia Echenique • On the 22nd Feast of the Sion Shrine, Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio, General Superior of the Schoenstatt Fathers who at that time was visiting Argentina, said that “love and the infinite mercy of God for his children are perhaps the major points of encounter between Pope Francis and our Father and Founder.  They both have the same desire, the same conviction:  that this message of Mercy reaches modern man today who needs it so much.” All wanted to be present at the Sion Feast ThatRead More
URUGUAY, by María Lluberas • Although not everyone sees it, many believe that the Salto wayside shrine was the Blessed Mother’s dream for many years, long before these past two years when we were working on “conquering” it strongly within the groups. Why do we believe this?  Because as the days pass, we are becoming aware of more stories that associate the Blessed Mother with this little square, this area, with the neighborhood and its people. Day of the blessing A dump– transformed into a shrine Let us recall:  TheRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY• We don’t know how many of the rectors and workers of the Schoenstatt shrine ministry attended and heard Pope Francis speak about welcoming the pilgrim: “It is important for pilgrims who cross the threshold of the shrine to feel treated more as family members than guests. They must feel at home, awaited, loved and looked upon with eyes of mercy.” This is one of the messages that Pope Francis gave to more than 3,000 participants of the Jubilee for Shrines and Pilgrimages,Read More
By Agustín Lombardi, Guarapuava, Brazil • Many are the unknowns within the uncertain future of our countries, in both their political and economic surroundings. Therefore more and more, concern grows among the people regarding the future and financial substance. It is not necessary to say that to have this precaution and to plan is a great step. But…are we likewise concerned with the preparation and development of the inheritance we are going to leave? In the daily routine in which we are involved, we often do not allow ourselves toRead More
CHILE/WORLD, by Alberto León and María Fischer • “You’ve reached your destination,” the voice on the GPS says confidently. But I see nothing of my destination. I know that the Schoenstatt shrines are not that big and they can sometimes be somewhat hidden. But here, in the main square of a city, the shrine I’m looking for is definitely not here…and my GPS is not to blame for being lost. The reason is that I trusted the GPS coordinates from what appears to be a database of shrine addresses –Read More
ARGENTINA, Verónica Presas • On 12 December, the Schoenstatt Family of the Shrine Tierra de la Promesa [Promised Land] experienced the joy of Mary’s Crowning as “Queen of Families”, within the framework of the twenty-second anniversary of the blessing of the Shrine. This Shrine brings together the cities of Rawson, Trelew and Puerto Madryn in the Argentinean Patagonia region. Fr. Javier Arteaga, President of the Argentinean Schoenstatt National Presidency, and Sr. Alejandra Aguilar attended. Crowning Vigil, a “heroic night” The Crowning Vigil the night before concluding the Novena of preparationRead More
ARGENTINA, Sr. M. Esther and Cecilia Mata • On 8 December, the hospital oratory that is close to the Belgrano Shrine was re-opened. A picture of the Blessed Mother and the Divine Mercy along with the Unity Cross are also there. A little bit of history The oratory of Pirovano Hospital was born at the hands of Mary’s Volunteers as mature fruit of the 20 January 1992 Jubilee. At the beginning of that year, leader and founder of the Mary’s Volunteers, Mrs. Raquel Sáenz Valiente, asked Mery Lenon to take chargeRead More
BOLIVIA, by Juan José Rocha • La Paz, Achumani, 21 November 2015. Today, twenty-three years ago or more precisely 8,400 days ago, our Achumani Shrine was blessed during a solemn celebration. On the afternoon of another anniversary of the blessing of the Shrine, sixteen couples sealed their Covenant of Love with the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt in a grace-filled ceremony. Mother’s doing I recall a funny story in which St. Peter is very concerned upon noticing the presence of some souls, who he did not rememberRead More
CHILE, Montahue, Sr. M. Ivonne Latsague • Every year, pilgrims’ day at Montahue is truly a celebration of love, faith and joy. It is a year after a year homecoming to encounter the Mother and Queen who waits at the Shrine for the return of all those who welcome her in their homes and who were blessed by her visit. A personal greeting On Saturday, 28 November at 10:30 a.m., the first groups began to arrive. I have to greet them one by one, or they would not forgive meRead More