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BRAZIL, São Paulo, Sueli Vilarinho – Family League • In 2009, the Jaraguá Family League instituted 15 April as an annual commemoration of the home shrine, following the 60th anniversary of the Santa Maria letter. Fr. Antiono Bracht and Raquel Padilla were responsible for this current of life, faith and a welcome to all families on behalf of the Jaraguá Family League. League leaders Sheila and Alex Formigoni, and directors Fr. Vandemir Meister and Raquel Padilla have worked very hard to cultivate and strengthen this life current, and as aRead More
ARGENTINA, Rawson, Verónica Presas • The 35th Anniversary of Schoenstatt’s birth in this area of Patagonia was celebrated joyfully. On 28 March, the Schoenstatt Family gathered to commemorate the beginnings: the first meeting of the Girls’ Youth that in time was recognized as the founding meeting of the Schoenstatt Family in the cities of Rawson, Trelew and Puerto Madryn. By your hand, with the desire of a Shrine The origins were recalled with emotion and nostalgia, which strengthens the family attachments, but moreover, it stirred a new desire to re-foundRead More