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Today Sonia Zárate and José Antonio Zaracho respond: We have been married for 31 years, we have 3 children: José Emilio (28), José Roberto (23) and María Florencia (19). We belong to the Family Branch of the Diocese of Encarnación, and currently we are fulfilling our commission as leaders of the Family Branch and we are postulants of the 1st Circle of the Apostolic League • Over a year into the pilgrimage through the second century of the covenant of love…what is your dream for this Schoenstatt in who weRead More
PARAGUAY, by Maria Fischer with material from the authors of AgenVida• On 18 October there were many celebrations, conferences and pilgrimages, and also many offers, gifts and commitments. Two young people from Paraguay gave the Mother Thrice Admirable and her Schoenstatt Family (and perhaps beyond) an upgrade of one of the proven instruments of Kentenich self-education: the Spiritual Daily Order as an App. “We cannot believe it! Two years ago we were doing the final tests to launch Agenvida [Lifeagenda], the online spiritual daily order. We did not imagine thatRead More