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CHILE, Susy Jacob (Vínculo Magazine) • With only 41 years and 7 years as a priest, Fr. Gonzalo Illanes has just assumed with enthusiasm and joy the task of leading the life of the Schoenstatt Movement throughout our country. Previously, he had been in charge as vicar in the parish of San Cayetano de La Legua, advisor of the Boys’ Youth in Temuco, advisor of the Family Branch in Valdivia and national advisor of the Boys’ Youth. — He acknowledges that he received his appointment with surprise, as it wasRead More
URUGUAY, Juan Andrés Nopitsch • Studying the probability that Uruguay will win the World Soccer Cup? Creating a political consulting firm? At first glance, these do not seem like Schoenstatt projects, but they will be some of the subjects that are very pertinent to Uruguayan culture, which will allow Project Based Learning (PBL) in Providencia Center in Montevideo’s educational programs. What is it? What benefit will it have? How is this related to Fr. Joseph Kentenich’s pedagogy? —   Providencia Educational Center is a lay project of the Schoenstatt MovementRead More
CHILE, Verónica Gutiérrez • There were several events and special commemorations during the weekend of October 21 for the Chilean Schoenstatt community. In the first place, it was the date of the fourth milestone of Schoenstatt’s history when Fr. Kentenich was re-incorporated into the Church, he allowing his return and continuing as the director of this movement. The second point, it was St. John Paul II Day and Fr. Joseph Kentenich’s first visit to Chile. With so much to celebrate, the National Leaders’ Gathering was held at the Cenacle ShrineRead More
BRAZIL, By Leonardo Rodrigues – Jumas Guarapuava, via • It was a cold Sunday (23 July) in Guarapuava, with temperatures around 6°C, but the wind made it feel colder. At about 6am, the Street Coffee crew gathered in front of Our Lady of Agony, the parish church in Santa Cruz neighbourhood.  For those of us who are used to a certain degree of comfort, it is already difficult to get up in the cold weather. Imagine what it’s like for those who live on the street! With this in mind,Read More

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Forta launched in Spain

SPAIN, Manuel de la Barreda Mingot • The first Forta (Marriage Strengthening) in Spain took place the weekend of 30 September to 2 October 2016, and I had the immense good fortune to attend with my wife, Lourdes. Due to Forta’s set up, we will not reveal anything that happened during the session or its content, so couples that attend in the future can enjoy it fully, including allowing oneself to let go and trust.  One must lay him/herself bare becoming small and humble, opening oneself up to what comesRead More
ROME – BELMONTE, Maria Fischer • Wednesday, 7 September, Brazil’s Independence Day, a national holiday. Very early on that sunny day (not to mention the suffocating heat), it was also celebrated at the Shrine of all of us in Belmonte. For one hour, it became the Shrine of all Brazil. Fr. Marcelo Adriano Cervi, the future rector of the Shrine of Belmonte, Terezinha and Nivaldo Abram from Curitiba with their son who lives in Germany, and two Sisters of Mary from Brazil, who work in the Italian Schoenstatt Movement, wereRead More

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Women making noise

CHILE, by Verónica Ciudad Pap • The Alégrate mujer [Rejoice woman] management team is concerned about events in Chile and the world, and faithful to the gift they gave the Father and Founder on the centenary of the Covenant of Love as they travel throughout Chile training and evaluating monitors so the fruitfulness of this apostolate can reach every corner of their country. Management team: Carola Gerstle, Paulina Respaldiza, María de la Luz Ferrada, Margarita Popelka, Alejandra Tike, Marcela Bustos, Verónica Ciudad. Adviser: Sr. M. Yerthy A little history TheyRead More
PARAGUAY, by Maria Fischer • When Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio opened the “Holy Door” of the Original Shrine on 13 December, he showed the two dimensions of mercy: “The first and basic dimension is the mercy of God the Father, ‘…a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness..’ (Exodus 34:6), which is repeatedly given to us, and which we repeatedly experience. The second dimension is our attitude of mercy to everyone, and in particular those who suffer. Two parables of Luke’s Gospel –Read More
Fr.  Joaquín Alliende Luco, via • More courage, more commitment, more death leaps into the unknown. Less of the beach caressing us and more surfing on the crest of the wave, not because we’re at the height of the wave, but because of the sheer intensity of the wave. I feel that sometimes, some of us remain near the shore dipping our toes but not throwing ourselves into the violent swell of our times. More surf, higher, more dangerous. We should not be interested in tired, well-worn, sleepy waves.Read More

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I Stand

CHILE, Fr. Juan Ignacio Pacheco • Concluding the month of the Mission with a meeting of the Family in Bellavista, we continue moving forward during the year. The Mass of May 31st once again placed us in the importance of our Father and Founder’s legacy for the times we are living. To love, to live and to think organically is a call to coherence and authenticity of life which makes it urgent for us to take up again in the social context which we are now experiencing in our country.Read More