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PARAGUAY, by Father José Pontes and the editorial team of “Tupãrenda” Magazine/ORG • Father José Pontes encouraged a small group of Schoenstatters that has traveled every two months for six years to Chaco,an indigenous community, 500 Km. from Asunción, with the desire of carrying out many projects in favor of these very needy brothers/sisters.  The initiative is called “Covenant Solidarity,” an expression created by the “Dreamteam” in 2012, and that goes out for the first time from this place to the great joy of the team. Gift for giftRead More
CHILE, Bellavista, by Juan Molina, Schoenstatt Fathers seminarian • On the morning of Saturday, April 25th, in Holy Spirit church of the Bellavista Shrine, deacons were ordained for the Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers; they are: Felipe Antonio Pérez and Gonzalo Illianes Fuertes from Chile, Juan Andrés Le Vraux from Argentina, and Julio Rodrígues Afonso from Brazil. Bishop Pedro Ossandón presided at the ordination. Years in the waiting, at half-past ten in the morning, the procession began from the Province House to the church, which was beginning to fill. TwoRead More
ARGENTINA, Claudia Echenique. Every year, on the last Sunday in February, the Schoenstatt Family of Región Gran, Buenos Aires, has an appointment; it is on the calendar for coming together and beginning the activities:  the Feast of Zion.  The Fathers of the Region (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Nigeria and Italy) conclude their annual meeting and have an Open House for the entire Family.  On this year’s occasion, there was also a farewell:  Bishop Francisco Piltilli celebrated his final Feast of Zion before assuming the position of Bishop of Encarnación, Paraguay.Read More