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Posted On 17.10.2016In Projects

Forta launched in Spain

SPAIN, Manuel de la Barreda Mingot • The first Forta (Marriage Strengthening) in Spain took place the weekend of 30 September to 2 October 2016, and I had the immense good fortune to attend with my wife, Lourdes. Due to Forta’s set up, we will not reveal anything that happened during the session or its content, so couples that attend in the future can enjoy it fully, including allowing oneself to let go and trust.  One must lay him/herself bare becoming small and humble, opening oneself up to what comesRead More
Ana Echevarria, Vice-Postulator of the Causa Pozzobon • The worldwide echoes to the approaching canonisation of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the Cura Brochero (the “gaucho” priest) speak clearly of the importance of the lives of saints in the Church. Our Father and Founder always saw to it that Schoenstatt’s ideals should be embodied in actual, great personalities. So it is a great joy to know that in the International Centre in Belmonte, which is in the process of being completed, a room has been prepared for Gertraud von Bullion,Read More
PARAGUAY, by Maria Fischer • When Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio opened the “Holy Door” of the Original Shrine on 13 December, he showed the two dimensions of mercy: “The first and basic dimension is the mercy of God the Father, ‘…a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness..’ (Exodus 34:6), which is repeatedly given to us, and which we repeatedly experience. The second dimension is our attitude of mercy to everyone, and in particular those who suffer. Two parables of Luke’s Gospel –Read More