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CHILE/MEXICO/ALEMANIA, Maria Fischer • Conference planning, translations, coordination, discussions via Whatsapp between Chile, Mexico and Germany was done with great effort, terrific anticipation, and considerable sacrifice.  Now, on the morning of Mary’s Nativity, everything that was humanly possible to prepare for the launching of the first Marriage Strengthening with Schoenstatt in Germany had been done.  What remained was to place it in Mary’s hands and to crown her as Queen of Marriage Strengthening in Germany. They were nine couples from Chile and Mexico, who met at nine o’clock on thisRead More
ARGENTINA, María Teresa Martino • Where to begin?  Everyone knows that we women have a tendency to look at magazines from back to front, and so I would like to continue that method by savoring the final fruitfulness, enjoying “the picture,” and announcing to everyone that in the light of the looks and the warmth of the embraces, the echo of transformed hearts could be perceived. We arrived from various places, but we all said goodbye from the same common place- home:  the certainty of the shared mission, the unanimous convictionRead More