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Editors • As Fr Juan Pablo Catoggio, the Chairman of the General Presidium of the Schoenstatt Movement, has just learnt, a decisive step was taken in the beatification process of Joseph Engling on 7 April. Fr Joachim Schmiedl , Schoenstatt Father, made the following information available on his Facebook page: “On 7 April 2016 the Pallottine Postulator General, Fr Jan Korycki SAC, handed over the “Positio super vita, virtutibus et fama sanctitatis Josephi Engling Alumni Societatis Apostolatus Catholici” to the Vatican Congregation for Beatifications and Canonisations. In the lastRead More

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Awaiting Schoenstatt!

ROME – BELMONTE, Fr. Peter Lauer • Does Rome need another ecclesiastical educational centre? Many communities have had to close their houses – and Schoenstatt builds! Why? Out of its shell A creative motif you can repeatedly encounter in Belmonte is the snail. A spiral that goes out from a central point. After a number of turns, it opens itself. Schoenstatt a hundred years old. The whole of Schoenstatt gathered in 2014 around the Original Shrine. Yet the pilgrimage went further, to Rome, to Belmonte. That is a sign. LikeRead More
P. Juan Pablo Catoggio, Superior Generalof the Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers.  An article in the series: What does the Year of Mercy mean? • God, what is your name? That is the question Moses asked God before the burning bush (Exodus 3:1-8,13-15). God is the central theme today, the central theme of today’s liturgy (Third Sunday of Lent). This time of Lent is a time of conversion. Often, we think that conversion is a radical change – profound and life changing – that demands decision, purposes, efforts. And weRead More
From Carmen Reinle and Maria Fischer • A tomato seed is a promise for the future. It promises seedlings and plants, it promises tasty, bright red tomatoes. “Belmonte” is a similar promise. In 1965 the worldwide Schoenstatt Movement promised it as a gift to their founder on his eightieth birthday.  A gift to be gifted to the Church. In 2003/2004 we got there – the forty-year-old promise was finally carried out. In Rome, the city of the Popes, a Schoenstatt shrine was built. On an icy winter’s day the foundationRead More
Rome/Germany, from Maria Fischer • “Ever since his election on 13 March, Pope Francis has repeatedly asked us to pray for him and his service …,” Bishop Heinz-Josef Algermissen wrote for the third anniversary of the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the successor of St Peter. Pope Francis has since then surprised the Church and world with many initiatives, sayings and newly coined words, with unexpected gestures and sometimes an almost shocking straightforwardness and lack of diplomacy. Within the Church as well as outside it he has changed theRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY• On Monday, the Vatican Office of Papal Charities inaugurated a new initiative for the neediest: a medical clinic for the homeless, located alongside the showers and barbershop that Pope Francis made available in St. Peter’s Square. “We are grateful to Pope Francis for wanting once again to give a concrete sign of mercy in St. Peter’s Square to the homeless and suffering,” said Lucia Ercoli, Director of the Association of Solidarity Medicine. “Our doctors, along with those of FAS (Health Care Fund)Read More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • During February’s jubilee audience, Pope Francis recalled that “in this Season of Lent, the Church invites us to learn to know the Lord Jesus ever better, and to live the faith in a consistent way with a lifestyle that expresses the mercy of the Father. It is a commitment that we are called to take on in order to offer to those we meet the concrete sign of God’s closeness. Full text of Pope Francis’s catechesis during the Jubilee Audience, 20.02.2016Read More
BELMONTE, by Maria Fischer • During his general audience, which coincided with Ash Wednesday, and on the eve of the 12th Apostolic Trip taking him to Mexico as a “Missionary of Mercy and of Peace,” Pope Francis asked to be accompanied with prayer: “The day after tomorrow, I shall embark on my Apostolic Journey to Mexico, but first I will go to Havana to meet my dear Brother Kirill. I entrust to your prayers both the meeting with Patriarch Kirill and the visit to Mexico.” On 11 February, the FeastRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • The General Audience on 3 February, a week before the start of Lent and just before his visit to Mexico, Francis moved through St. Peter’s Square greeting the pilgrims accompanied by two children whom he invited to climb onto the popemobile. The Holy Father dedicated the General Audience to divine justice and perfect mercy, as well as forgiveness. “This is a difficult journey. It requires that those who have been wronged be ready to forgive and desire good and salvation forRead More

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Wanted: MTA

BELMONTE, by Fr. Darío Gustavo Gatti, Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests, Argentina • Dear friends worldwide, brothers/sisters in Covenant… I have lost a runaway Blessed Mother… she is the hidden Queen of Belmonte shown here in these photos. We have lost track of this picture that has been on pilgrimage for a long time throughout the world since 2004. On the occasion of the Blessing of the Shrine of Rome, Belmonte (8 September 2004), and as we walked through Roman streets, the picture destined for the Shrine’s altar was blownRead More