Road Tag

CRUZADA DE MARIA 2018, Andrés Romero • The day began very early. We awoke at 4:00 am to get an early start in order to beat the sun. There is something unique in that first hour, it is quiet, and it helps us to conquer our inner mission. We set out already feeling the inconveniences, pain, and weariness from the previous day. We walked another 28 kilometers and through the silence and weariness, Christ became more and more present.   With every step I took, you were with me IRead More
INTERNATIONAL, Ana C. de Echevarría • In early November, the first 250 wayside shrines photos arrived from the different places around the world and left for Belmonte in order to be present for the opening of the Retreat House on November 16, 2017; more continue to arrive. But these 250 are the ones that opened the way. They showed that the Blessed Mother is happy with this project of uniting all her wayside shrines in a picture of the large Original Pilgrim Mother that will preside in the João LuisRead More
ARGENTINA, Ana Echevarría • Large and small wayside shrines: nailed in mountain areas, forests and valleys, towns and cities, and roadsides. The Mother Thrice Admirable’s wayside shrines sown by the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign are raised braving bad weather: wind, snow, heat, and cold in different places around the world. The popular creativity of missionaries from different nations where these shrines are found displays enormous diversity. However there is something that they all have in common, something that unites them. It is the immense love borne of a Mother’s restless heartRead More
GERMANY, Klemens M. Holländer • During this Holy Year of Mercy and as a Schoenstatt Brother of Mary, I decided to get on the road to Rome.  What made me undertake this project? Firstly, gratitude for everything accomplished in life and for my recuperation. What urged me to undertake this project?  Firstly, gratitude for everything I accomplished in life and my recuperation. In addition to this, I add a change in my professional life. These were the reasons to begin this pilgrimage and to follow Pope Francis’ call. Then, thereRead More
By Federico Bicciconti, Bahía Blanca, Argentina • Federico is a 24-year-old Argentinean, and he was in Schoenstatt approximately fifty days ago. The most loyal readers of will remember him: That young Argentinean, who wanted to walk the Camino de Santiago [St. James’ Way] from Lourdes to Santiago de Compostela, and the way he chose to do it was to leave from Schoenstatt, more precisely from the Original Shrine. “Sometime ago, I promised to send you a brief summary of my visit to Schoenstatt, and as you will see later,Read More