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PORTUGAL, • Even though every family of refugees has a different story, and it involves a unique testimony of loss and sorrow, they have a common characteristic: perseverance and the will the build their lives wherever they feel welcomed. In the face of the greatest refugee crisis that the world has seen since World War II and the tragedies that have occurred in the Mediterranean, a strong call to welcome and incorporate a refugee family into the Lisbon Family community has emerged in Schoenstatt. It is also a responseRead More
AUSTRIA, from Susanne Leibrecht via • One of the most current and visible signs of our times is without doubt the huge stream of refugees entering Europe. For Dr Stefan Keznickl, a Schoenstatter and former asylum adjudicator – it was the direct occasion to organise an evening at the Schoenstatt Centre, Kahlenberg, Vienna, on 15 October 2015 on the subject “People fleeing – what can we do?” It is a matter close to this lawyer’s heart to pass on facts and inspirations on this subject. He is convinced thatRead More
GERMANY, Sabine Merdes and María Fischer • “Dietershausen is facing its most sorrowful time since many decades – this coming Sunday the first Sisters of Mary will be leaving and the whole village is shocked. … Now it is certain and you can read it in the local newspapers…” That was the initial reaction at the beginning of October when the news reached the media and the Schoenstatt Family in the diocese of Fulda. As a result of combining provinces, the current provincial centre of the Schoenstatt Sisters of MaryRead More
By Rafael Mota and Otávio Cesarini Ávila, JUMAS Brazil, • The number of refugees leaving the northern part of Africa and Syria, fleeing situations which violate human rights like misery and war, has appealed to the attention and sensitivity of the world during these last days. The expectation of setting foot on European soil, sometimes interrupted and frustrated dramatically: the 71 immigrants dead and abandoned in a bus in Austria; the dead child on the Turkish shore. We Schoenstatters and part of JUMAS (Male Schoenstatt Youth), how do weRead More
The Assembly of Jesuit Provincials in Europe (CEP) who are gathered in Rome have reiterated their commitment to refugees and migrants. They have, therefore, issued a declaration about a special call towards solidarity • Since January of this year, hundreds of thousands of refugees have arrived in Europe by different routes. We are deeply saddened at the suffering they have endured. We are shocked, as we hear of the death of hundreds as they cross the Mediterranean or who suffocate in lorries as they try to reach Europe. Refugees ThoseRead More
Schoenstatt, Maria Fischer in interview with Fr Franz Widmeier • A few days ago Pope Francis placed the next world day for migrants and refugees on 17 January 2016 under the motto: “Migrants and refugees are a challenge. An answer is offered by the Gospel of Mercy.” It is a message that reached Fr Franz Widmaier long ago. In a conversation with on 21 August he said that he had felt like a lone voice calling in the desert whenever he spoke about migrants and refugees in Schoenstatt. “Then PopeRead More