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By Juan Zaforas and Maria Fischer • I think the Christian family, the family, marriage has never been so attacked as it is now. Well then, there is nothing left to do than to do something. So then your question, what can we do? Yes, we can give good talks, declare principles, sometimes you have to do this, right? With clear ideas: Look, what you are proposing is not marriage, it is an association, but it is not marriage. Sometimes one has to say things clearly, and, of course, itRead More
FRANCIS IN PARAGUAY, Marité and Ramón Marini / Maria Fischer • It has been over three weeks since Pope Francis celebrated the massive Mass at Ñu Guazú, on the outskirts of Asunción with almost two million pilgrims. We 1remember the very beautiful corn and coconut altar containing the names, concerns, and petitions of thousands of people that were written on the coconuts. We remember José Argüello’s story and photos of the night vigil with the title: “Serving with feet in the mud” Here we are, trying to absorb all of theRead More
By Marité and Ramón Marini, Paraguay, Leaders of the Schoenstatt International Family Federation • We wanted to write this brief account to share of how the Holy Father generates positive attitudes in people with his simple testimony of daily life. Sometime ago we read that when Pope Francis was a bishop in Argentina, he had the habit of collecting the rubber bands that the person who brought the newspapers used; he would make a ball to leave for him close to the door. Each month as he paid him, heRead More