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PARAGUAY, Maria Fischer • It is amid this meeting full of questions, presentations, conversations, answers, and laughter, that I understand more clearly than ever what these more than two years of pandemic have done to all of us. It is not the same to communicate at a distance, read messages and watch videos, as it is to sit in the same place, look at each other, listen to each other, “feel” each other. It is the morning of April 21, at the headquarters of the Dequeni Foundation in Fernando deRead More
PARAGUAY, CIEES, Maria Fischer • “It was great. Many doors are opening for us,” says Juan Vicente Ramírez, just after the launch of the ¡Reinvéntate! Ciudad del Este, this Friday, July 24, 2020. ¡Reinvéntate! CdE is a social program for regional entrepreneurs, created and articulated from the support center of CIEES of Ciudad del Este, a non-profit organization that seeks economic reactivation after the crisis caused by the mandatory quarantine due to COVID-19. —   “Actually, the project called ¡Reinvéntate! CdE was born in CIEES”, affirms Juan Vicente Ramirez, aRead More
URUGUAY, Matías Cerviño • The Providencia Educational Center is located in the Cerro Oeste (Montevideo, Uruguay); it emerged in 1994.  Members of the Schoenstatt Movement and neighborhood people founded it with the objective of accompanying the area’s children and youths in their development as free persons, helping them to discover their potential, and accompanying them in the midst of their own unique development. During the past years, in Providencia, the Blessed Mother carried out the missionary charism and the Schoenstatt pedagogy in a special and original way that seeks toRead More
SWITZERLAND, Urban Gehrig • Last year most likely the majority of the Leitungsteamtreffen (LTT) (Leaders’ Gathering) members from the Swiss Family Branch asked themselves “Good, and now what do we do with it?”  In September 2015 under Maria Fischer’s direction, they worked vigorously and attentively on a communication concept for the Swiss Family Branch that included three questions and their answers: WHAT do I want to achieve?  To reinforce families WHO do I want to reach?  Christian families and couples who want to grow WHAT MESSAGE do we want toRead More
POPE FRANCIS IN CUBA – MISSIONARY OF MERCY • The Pope left the cathedral in Havana and went to the Félix Varela Cultural Centre, where thousands of young people were waiting for him under a heavy rain. Catholics, members of other faiths, non-believers….and Francis once again improvised, this time around two concepts: dreams and hope. Complete text of Pope Francis at the Félix Varela Cultural Centre You are standing up and I am sitting. How rude! But you know why I am sitting; it is because I was taking notesRead More
Today, Father Elmar Busse (*1951) answers: He has known Schoenstatt since his childhood, because his parents belonged to the first course of Family Federation in the German Democratic Republic. The Friedrichroda Schoenstatt Center in the region of the Thuringia Forest (Shrine blessed in 1954) was his spiritual home. Since there were no priests for the Schoenstatt youths, he made the decision, along with other adventurous students of theology, to found the community of Schoenstatt Fathers in then East Germany. This became a reality on June 18, 1978, after a longRead More
CHILE, edited by • When one speaks about Schoenstatt’s social projection, “María Ayuda” [“Mary Helps”] immediately comes to mind. It is one of the first, if not the first Schoenstatt project that translated Fr. Kentenich’s teaching into social content, “one of the least known aspects of his enormous personality” (Carlos Ferré, in “The social saint”, Editorial Patris Argentina, 2012). It is the social commitment that Schoenstatters have towards the neediest, this time abandoned children and victims of domestic violence and abuse in Chile. Today “María Ayuda” is not onlyRead More