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GERMANY, Maria Fischer • It was a sunny and warm afternoon in July of 2012, in the center of Stuttgart, in Theresia Zehnder’s well-lit and smartly furnished apartment.  Already an octogenarian, only recently she had worked as a photographer in her studio “Hostrup.”  She had coffee and sweets on the table while the camera and microphone were being set up.  A perfect professional: “Will my photo picture be OK?” she asked me, “I do not want it to be a simple snapshot!”  Oh, Oh, Oh… She had taken photos ofRead More
GERMANY, by Maria Fischer • With the joyous smile of a child at Christmas he held out a photo in the flickering light of an open logwood fire. It showed his meeting with the man he has portrayed in bronze for many years. “I don’t just have his photo”, he said reflectively, “I actually met him myself”. It was noticeable how he emphasised the word “met”, and you realised he was relating more than a fleeting encounter. It was late afternoon in Spring and the end of a long andRead More