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En el marco de la propuesta que lleva adelante el Club de Niños, uno de los cinco programas educativos del Centro Educativo Providencia en Montevideo, los estudiantes de segundo año junto a educadores llevaron adelante el proyecto “Plazas que unen
URUGUAY, Providencia Educational Center • The methodology of Solidarity Learning and Service (AYSS) is an active learning proposal, in which students are the protagonists of the activities, using the knowledge acquired in other educational spaces to address the real needs of a community, working in it. Students who participate in AYSS projects, learn through experience, and perform a social action for the community. — Within the framework of the proposal carried out by the Children’s Club, one of the five educational programs of the Providencia Educational Center in Montevideo, secondRead More
BRAZIL, Karen Bueno in • A square with a Father’s name, or better put, a Father and Founder’s. Londrina/PR recently inaugurated grounds named Fr. Joseph Kentenich Square. In the Gleba Fazenda Palhano neighborhood, at the intersection of Zuinglio and Martin Luther Street now bears the name of Schoenstatt’s Founder. Alderman Rony dos Santos Alves introduced city ordinance number 12.261 because, according to him, “The first and simple reason is the square is next to the Mater Ter Admirabilis Training Center, and above all, for all the work that Fr.Read More
ARGENTINA, La Plata, Ricardo Moro • During this year, the Family from the La Plata Archdiocese will have a double celebration: on one hand we will celebrate the first fifty years since the blessing of our Freedom Shrine, and on the other hand, the first fifty years of the Father and Founder’s freedom from his exile in Milwaukee.  A celebration that could be triple, because fifty years ago, it was the Archbishop of La Plata, who in addition to building and blessing the Shrine, ordained the first Schoenstatt Fathers.  Therefore weRead More