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ARGENTINA, Paraná, APF Digital and Schoenstatt.org editorial team • The first pilgrims began arriving at La Loma Shrine around 7:14 p.m., south of the city, in the Paracao neighborhood, the final point in the 33rd edition of the Villages’ Pilgrimage that began 5: 00 p.m. on Friday from one of Hasenkamp’s access roads. They arrived exhausted, some were crying, using canes, or leaning on another person’s shoulder, others sang, with arms raised. The conclusion of a laudable demonstration of faith that gathered more than 25,000 people – the majority youngRead More
By Maria Fischer • Thursday, 14 October, at the Original Shrine, “Who does not understand German?” asked Fr. Egon Zillekens at the beginning of the night blessing. Although this tradition is not established in Germany, it is something known and valued in other countries in the midst of the novena for 18 October: For many, who gathered in the Original Shrine on this night, there is a tradition that night after night for many years now has gathered youths and adults from different countries who happen to be at SchoenstattRead More
PARAGUAY, by José Aníbal Argüello, Lala Pires Ferreiro, María Ester Cáceres, Gabriela Bolaños y Maria Fischer • Father’s Pilgrim MTA went on mission…When Father Heinz Kuenster, who is in charge of Father’s Pilgrim MTA, celebrated his 90th birthday, Monina Crivelli, a great friend of “Herr Pastor” took the opportunity to ask him, once again, for Father’s Pilgrim MTA, taking advantage of Maria Fischer’s trip to Paraguay and Argentina. When Joao Pozzobon found out about his friend Brother German Arendes’ trip to Schoenstatt, in March 1968, he gave him two PilgrimRead More