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SCHOENSTATT DIGITAL, Jeff Roedel • My name is Jeff Roedel, a seminarian from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, finishing up formation for the Schoenstatt Fathers in Santiago, Chile. Today, I have the joy of sharing two projects for the Schoenstatt Movement which have been a long time in the making.— I met Alberto (Tito) Leon, a young professional around my age, here in Santiago just a few weeks ago and we realized that for years we’ve been working towards the same goal: For Marian pilgrims to encounter Mary easier in our SchoenstattRead More
PARAGUAY, Horacio Chávez • At 5:30 am, the first buses of pilgrims arrived at the National Shrine of Tupãrenda, and with this the national celebration of Our Lady of Schoenstatt’s gathering began. At that time, the volunteers and all those who serve on this day walked to their respective places to give every pilgrim the best welcome. — Two months before, a team of forty volunteers, called Equipo 18 (Team 18), met to prepare the organizational logistics and welcome for thousands of pilgrims that would arrive on October 18th fromRead More
PARAGUAY, Fr. Antonio Cosp Fontclara • Yes, it is not easy to get over the amazement! Like over the last few years, we welcomed approximately 40,000 pilgrims. Many of them left the night before to arrive at dawn, so Tupãrenda was filled with voices and joy since early morning. More than 2,000 missionaries, men and women, solemnly renewed their annual commitment and many others came to seal their covenant of love. The day’s four Masses were filled with a shade-seeking multitude. Three Masses were offered from the portico of HolyRead More
PARAGUAY, Sandra Lezcano • Today my alarm clock rang three hours earlier than usual. I had to do my work at the office so I could leave early for Tupãrenda. Early on, my cell phone’s screen displayed a number of messages on social media that needed to be read. There was no doubt that it was a special day. I greeted the Blessed Mother in my Home Shrine telling her about my plans to leave work early so I could visit her in the afternoon at the Tupãrenda Shrine. IRead More
VATICAN/FATIMA, via AICA, with editing • “On Monday, the Holy See Press Office presented the logo and motto for Pope Francis’ visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal on 12-13 May, on the occasion of the centennial of Mary’s first apparitions to the three shepherds. The logo represents a rosary that forms a heart and the motto is “With Mary, pilgrim in hope and in peace.” During a conference held in Portugal, Fr. Carlos Cabecinhas, the rector of the Marian Shrine, explained that the Pope willRead More
BURUNDI, Fr. Paul Zingg • This year, the large pilgrimage on the Feast of Assumption of Mary (15 August) at Mount Sion was accompanied by light rain during the vigil. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the country and from the Congo vicinity came to the Shrine for the celebration, especially women with children and many youths. The first drops fell around 3: 00 a.m. Although many camped out, this first rain after months of drought, was welcomed with applause. The second blessing from heaven in the form of rainRead More
By Maria Fischer • It is a sunny Saturday unlike most lately at the Original Shrine.  While a group of German pilgrims pass through the Holy Door of the Original Shrine and celebrate their Mass, a large group of young pilgrims approach, and stay on the grounds for almost an hour, in the sun, listening to Sr. Andrea Narvaéz’ explanations.  “Their Mass will be at 3:45 p.m.” Hilde Fellhofer, from Austria, explains. She and her husband Herbert are substituting for the sacristans of the Original Shrine during vacation.  “Today isRead More
GERMANY, By Maria Fischer • Cologne on “Sunday, the only 31 July 2016, the day that will never be repeated”, the good-humoured train driver of the Rhein-Sieg Express announced at 12.23 p.m. to help his passengers get over their frustration because of the delay. “If we trust in God we will still catch the connecting train in Siegen.” At that moment those taking part in the pilgrimage on foot with “Trust in God” had been walking for more than an hour through heavy showers of rain through Cologne towards BrühlRead More
ITALY, Salvatore Rallo, Claudia Geraci, Antonella Raimondi • Finally also in Vicari, a small town inland from Palermo, on Friday, June 10, 2016, thirteen missionary women have sealed the Covenant of Love with our Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt. It took a year of preparation, but thanks to the constant and committed participation of the missionaries, our “provocations” – which at times have possibly been or even been seemingly excessive – we have reached this milestone. The promptings have had a positive effect when they were a stimulus and whenRead More
PARAGUAY, by Sandra Lezcano – Mass on 1 May at Tupãrenda (7) • During the 1 May Sunday Mass celebrated by Fr. Antonio Cosp, I could not help but think about how many stories were gathered there in Holy Mary of the Trinity Church. It made me realize the dimension of Schoenstatt’s richness in the Blessed Mother’s allies’ witness of life. Now I ask myself, what am I contributing to others with my life story? Photos: Cássio Leal, Sao Paulo, Brasil Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TXRead More