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Lucas Chiappe, ordenación
ARGENTINA, with material from AICA • Schoenstatt Father Lucas Chiappe received his ordination last Saturday, November 25, from the Bishop of Quilmes, who urged him to “unceasingly communicate God in the Word, the Eucharist and in presence.” — In his homily, Bishop Carlos Tissera emphasized: “The fruitfulness of our life depends on union with Christ. The glory of the Father is in bearing much fruit. The fruitfulness of man glorifies God who, in creating him, asked him: ‘Be fruitful!’, and in this fruitfulness prayer has much to do”. “The fruitfulnessRead More
Los Olmos Luján
ARGENTINA, Constanza Manrique • On September 11, the fifth pilgrimage of couples to Lujan, organized by the Los Olmos Shrine, in charge of Father Marcelo Gallardo, took place. Years ago we walked praying for the shrine, which was finally built in the midst of the pandemic, against all odds. Today we walk to give thanks for the shrine. The Blessed Mother has made her home among us. — With a radiant sky and under the immense cape of Mary, we gathered at Los Olmos, the meeting point and headquarters ofRead More
Los Olmos bendición
ARGENTINA, Astrid and Matías García Samartino • We are filled with endless gratitude for all that we have experienced and felt last February 20, 2021 at the Blessing of our Shrine of Los Olmos, Pilar (Buenos Aires, Argentina). — Our Mother, our beloved Blessed Mother, descended to her new throne and became present in our midst; we felt her close, with us: She was there and will remain there forever. Like St. Peter after contemplating the glory of God on the Tabor, we exclaimed: How well we are here! LetRead More