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At the expressed wish of Fr Ludwig Güthlein, the co-ordinator of the team leading the Pentecost Congress, we are herewith making available the official translations of the “Memorandum of Understanding” signed by the participants at the Pentecost Congress, as well as Fr Ludwig Güthlein’s greeting (in German). Download Memorandum: ES Memorandum Congreso Pentecostés 2015 EN Memorandum Pentecost Congress 2015 DE Memorandum Pfingstkongress 2015 FR Memorandum Congrès Pentecôte 2015FR Memorandum Congrès Pentecôte 2015 Greeting to the worldwide Schoenstatt Family – in German only Pfingstkongress 2015 – Grußwort an die weltweite SchönstattfamilieRead More
“The Original Shrine has again to look like it was during the Jubilee”, Norbert Weweler, the Sacristan remarked on Sunday afternoon to Andreza Ortigoza and Graciela Vera, two delegates from Paraguay, who had just arrived at the Original Shrine. For them both it was their first visit and they were deeply touched. In order to follow up the Jubilee in Schoenstatt, Rome and all the other countries, and to find a direction into the future, the “Pentecost Congress” began in the Fr Kentenich House on Monday 18 May. The MCsRead More