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SAINT JOSEPH MEN | Miguel Lasso de la Vega, Spain • The Joseph Challenge 2021 from, only for men: Men from different vocations in the Covenant of Love, from different countries and generations, allow themselves to be challenged by the letter of Pope Francisco Patris Corde about Joseph, “this extraordinary figure, so close to our human condition,” and they share what most impacts and motivates them in the figure of St. Joseph and the Holy Father’s letter about him. The first to take up the challenge is Miguel LassoRead More
Interview with Ignacio Suazo Zepeda on “Our Table: Dialogues for Chile” (NM) • In the context of the Chilean social crisis, resulting from the social explosion of October 18, and close to initiating a process of approval or rejection of a new constitution for the country, the Catholic University of Chile and the Catholic Voices Foundation have called 60 personalities to talk about the great challenges of these times. This dialogue will take place during three months around nine thematic tables: “the city, poverty and segregation”, “economic and working life”,Read More
ARGENTINA, Carlos Cappelletti, with Analia Guaragna and Maria Fischer • The VIII National Gathering of Madrugadores was held August 19 – 21, in Nueve de Julio, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina; a total of 226 were registered from ten provinces. Groups from the different parts of the country participated during the three sessions with the motto “Seeking Mary’s Shelter:” Corrientes, Entre Ríos, San Luis, La Rioja, San Juan, Jujuy, Mendoza, Comodoro Rivadavia, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and the diocesan groups from Coronel Charlone, Emilio Bunge, Los Toldos, Bragado, Pehuajó and the hostRead More
Fr. Guillermo Carmona • For our Schoenstatt Family, Father Kentenich is one of his most central truths – “a point of contact,” we say – along with the Blessed Mother and the Shrine.  He is also an example of the “Covenant that transforms.”  His life history could have transformed him into a bitter person, rancorous, and vindictive. He could have ended up depressed and tormented, like so many prisoners from the concentration camps, renouncing even the Church like those who suffer from the injustice and authoritarianism of some of itsRead More
Fr. Pedro Kühlcke, Prison Ministry, Paraguay • Sometime ago, Pepito was finally able to tell me his life story:  “I was eleven years old when my parents separated.  My father is an alcoholic; he abused my mother until she could no longer take it.  I decided to go live with him, because I knew that he would not place limits on me.  I began with cigarettes and alcohol, and then the drugs came.  I even did drugs in front of him, but he never told me anything-he was usually tooRead More
By Matías Rodríguez/University Students from Campanario – via • In the last century, Father Kentenich stood firm in saying that we were experiencing an epoch without fathers. The different crises we are experiencing today have a great relationship to this lack of paternity. Leadership, welcoming, responsibility for one’s own, and education in freedom and love are characteristics of a father which are no longer seen today with a simple glance into our families, institutions and symbols of authority. Now we can go beyond what was expressed by Father JosephRead More
Today Claudio Ardissone responds: I am 45 years old, I have been married to Vicky Ramírez for 20 years, we have two children, Costanza (17) and Camilo (13) • I learned about Schoenstatt in passing when I was about 15 years old, and I became part of the Movement at the age of 19, when I entered university. The name of my Boy’s Group is Hontanar [Wellspring] and our ideal is “To be a source for others,” because we were at the stage of the second re-founding of the Boys’Read More
PARAGUAY, María Fischer • Jean Paul says, every first thing lasts eternally. Therefore after a week in Paraguay, after the barbeque, Paraguayan chips and dips, I still had not had the famous tereré [herbal tea]. The time came on a sunny and very hot Monday, five kilometers from Tuparenda, surrounded with smiles and expectant looks, a “Do you want tea? I made it for you, shall we drink it together?” A frightened look in Father Pedro Kuehlcke’s eyes was transformed into complete satisfaction at the moment of my first sip.Read More