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PARAGUAY, by Father José Pontes and the editorial team of “Tupãrenda” Magazine/ORG • Father José Pontes encouraged a small group of Schoenstatters that has traveled every two months for six years to Chaco,an indigenous community, 500 Km. from Asunción, with the desire of carrying out many projects in favor of these very needy brothers/sisters.  The initiative is called “Covenant Solidarity,” an expression created by the “Dreamteam” in 2012, and that goes out for the first time from this place to the great joy of the team. Gift for giftRead More
PARAGUAY, Rosa Ruiz Díaz and María Fischer • “Thank you, Holy Father” is the song that has been chosen as the official hymn for Pope Francis’ visit to Paraguay on July 10-12. The hymn was chosen on May 9, during the celebration organized by the Paraguayan Episcopal Conference. The song competed along with eighty that were proposed. The Sub-commission of Sacred Music of the Episcopal Conference was in charge of selecting the subject. Christían Aramendia wrote the lyrics and Néstor Benítez composed the melody along with José Gauto and FernandoRead More
A cordial greeting to everyone from the Tupãrenda Shrine in Paraguay. I am Father Oscar Iván Saldívar, a Paraguayan Schoenstatt Father. I am 33 years old; I was ordained as a priest on November 9, 2013, in the church in construction Santa María de la Trinidad, in Tupãrenda (Ypacaraí-Paraguay). I learned about the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement, right here in Tupãrenda on October 18, 2000. My first experiences in Schoenstatt helped me to perceive God’s paternity and mercy. For this reason, in Covenant of Love with Mary – I sealed myRead More

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PARAGUAY, Tuparenda, Fr. Antonio Cosp • The “secret” of all growth is synergy. It is valid for a company, a school, a university. Also for a Movement like Schoenstatt. We define it Not wanting is a quote from M. Weatley, an expert on organization: “Action precedes planning, because it is what creates the favorable atmosphere for each one’s initiative under the attentive and motivating gaze of the one who is responsible. To leave bureaucracy and to live in an organization aware that it knows how to embrace all that isRead More
PARAGUAY, by Noelia Ferreira and Maria Fischer • On Sunday, 3 May, Holy Mass was celebrated in Tupãrenda on the occasion of Dequeni’s 30th Anniversary with the presence of many benefactors and sponsors, who collaborated with the Dequení mission, a great project born from the Covenant of Love. Bishop Claudio Giménez, Schoenstatt Father and Bishop of Caácupé, celebrated the Mass. The Blessed Mother was crowned as Queen of Loyalty to Dequení for accompanying this work throughout all these years. Offerings The day’s torrential rains delayed Bishop Claudio’s arrival from CaácupéRead More
PARAGUAY, by José Aníbal Argüello, Lala Pires Ferreiro, María Ester Cáceres, Gabriela Bolaños y Maria Fischer • Father’s Pilgrim MTA went on mission…When Father Heinz Kuenster, who is in charge of Father’s Pilgrim MTA, celebrated his 90th birthday, Monina Crivelli, a great friend of “Herr Pastor” took the opportunity to ask him, once again, for Father’s Pilgrim MTA, taking advantage of Maria Fischer’s trip to Paraguay and Argentina. When Joao Pozzobon found out about his friend Brother German Arendes’ trip to Schoenstatt, in March 1968, he gave him two PilgrimRead More
PARAGUAY, on the occasion of Dequeni’s 30 years by Carmen Cosp • Ricardo Franco, one of Dequeni’s founding youths, told me excitedly that several weeks ago Marcial had been eagerly looking for him. To do this, he went to Caacupé for Sunday Mass. He recalled that pa’i [Father] Claudio Giménez had given him First Communion, and surely he could give him some information. After Mass, he approached the bishop and told him: “I have been looking for these people for twenty-five years. Where can I find Ricardo Franco, Carmen Ruiz,Read More
Published in the Ejempla newspaper Paraguay for Dequení’s 30th year • When he was is a little boy, he sold gum in the street, and today he sells investments in a bank. Derlis Cáceres is convinced that success in life depends on people of good will with whom you cross paths. There he was drinking tereré [herbal tea] with his street companions. He wanted to quench the thirst burning his throat with a sip of this refreshing drink, but he couldn’t, because it was not about a thirst because ofRead More
PARAGUAY, by Maria Fischer • Even after the first hugs, smiles, and tears of this greatly desired encounter, we were not sure if it was a dream or reality. On April 6, 2015, visited Dequení. Dequení welcomed after ten years of solidarity with their mission. “We published the first article when it was preparing to celebrate its first 20 years of existence.” said the editor in chief of “Now we are preparing for the 30th year celebration,” Andreza Ortigoza, Director of the Dequení Foundation said. On theRead More
Today Silvia Fretes Carmagnola answers: She is a 35 year-old Paraguayan business psychologist, Director of PULSO Consulting firm, and dedicated to the Organizational development. She joined the movement directly into the Professional Women in 2006 sealing her Covenant of Love in 2008. In addition she was assistant branch leader for two years and group leader in 2013, the group is presently named Instrumentos de Maria [Mary’s Instruments]. Her Home shrine was blessed in 2013 • Six months into the pilgrimage through the second century of the covenant of love…what isRead More