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Schoenstatt, Maria Fischer in interview with Fr Franz Widmeier • A few days ago Pope Francis placed the next world day for migrants and refugees on 17 January 2016 under the motto: “Migrants and refugees are a challenge. An answer is offered by the Gospel of Mercy.” It is a message that reached Fr Franz Widmaier long ago. In a conversation with schoenstatt.org on 21 August he said that he had felt like a lone voice calling in the desert whenever he spoke about migrants and refugees in Schoenstatt. “Then PopeRead More
Maria Fischer in interview with Fr Egon M. Zillekens • The house of the worldwide Family at Schoenstatt, the Covenant House close to the Original Shrine, is still open and can be visited, experienced and used in many ways. Since 1 August Friederike Ponge and Stafan Butz have been at your service in the Covenant House. They will co-ordinate bookings, renting and all events. Once a week, every Wednesday, they will be in the house, and you can get hold of them there; otherwise by email ([email protected]) or by leavingRead More
Maria Fischer, Editors schoenstatt.org • “I think, speak and act not because and how others think, speak and act, but because it is my inner conviction!” A statement by Fr Franz Reinisch whose beatification process was opened in Trier in May 2013. He was a Pallottine Father; he was a Schoenstatter; he was a person who felt obliged to follow his conscience, and who died on that account. On 21 August 1942 Reinisch was executed in Brandenburg, Berlin. Again this year this important date will be commemorated with a gathering atRead More
By María Fischer • One cannot be in Schoenstatt even for a few hours without encountering other people. When they bid farewell, they usually comment: “We certainly did not come to visit buildings; but people instead—the Blessed Mother and her children.” After going on pilgrimage for several days on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela [The Way of St. James], Beto Ortiz and Lena Barrios along with their son Guillermo, who is an exchange student in Germany, arrived last Friday to visit Schoenstatt. As soon as they arrived at theRead More
By Maria Fischer/Editorial schoenstatt.org • We filled the jars with our gifts: with our gratitude and repentance, with our surrender and longing. During the years of preparation for the jubilee of the covenant of love, the Pilgrimage Prayer 2014 was prayed, in a dozen languages in the Shrines all around the world and in the midst of daily life. Perhaps we haven’t to pray with those words, but the jar of the Original Shrine continues to be filled. Many people personally bring their gifts to the Original Shrine, and thereRead More
“The Original Shrine has again to look like it was during the Jubilee”, Norbert Weweler, the Sacristan remarked on Sunday afternoon to Andreza Ortigoza and Graciela Vera, two delegates from Paraguay, who had just arrived at the Original Shrine. For them both it was their first visit and they were deeply touched. In order to follow up the Jubilee in Schoenstatt, Rome and all the other countries, and to find a direction into the future, the “Pentecost Congress” began in the Fr Kentenich House on Monday 18 May. The MCsRead More
By Editorial Team • “The Jubilee was celebrated again in the Original Shrine expressly during the Covenant celebration in Schoenstatt. 100 years of Mary’s picture!” Two Fackellauf runners on the road from the Pilgrims’ Shrine to the Original Shrine escorted the picture. The Fackellauf continues to live! It was not only a project that ended with the Jubilee in October; but rather, it continues to burn,” the Facebook page of the Fackellauf 2014 runners says. During the Covenant celebration in the Original Shrine on 18 April, once again a littleRead More
Bernadette and Norbert Weweler. After Jubilee celebrations, the pilgrim area behind the Original Shrine quite literally turned to mud. The protective netting and a lot of the sawdust over the grass more or less kept the pilgrims' feet dry. After the celebrations, the state of the field inspired a homily in the Pilgrim Church.Read More