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Nueva Helvecia
URUGUAY, Alfredo Schiaffino • 2020 in general has been quite different from all the other years we have lived. There were many unforeseen events that came with the pandemic and made us change all our patterns. Almost everything that we took for granted ceased to be so, in just a moment. — It’s amazing how everything changes so quickly, isn’t it? It is incredible how we have to get creative, know how to take advantage of circumstances and be attentive to the purposes of time. We want to return toRead More
PARAGUAY, Horacio Chávez • At 5:30 am, the first buses of pilgrims arrived at the National Shrine of Tupãrenda, and with this the national celebration of Our Lady of Schoenstatt’s gathering began. At that time, the volunteers and all those who serve on this day walked to their respective places to give every pilgrim the best welcome. — Two months before, a team of forty volunteers, called Equipo 18 (Team 18), met to prepare the organizational logistics and welcome for thousands of pilgrims that would arrive on October 18th fromRead More
PARAGUAY, by Maria Fischer with material from the authors of AgenVida• On 18 October there were many celebrations, conferences and pilgrimages, and also many offers, gifts and commitments. Two young people from Paraguay gave the Mother Thrice Admirable and her Schoenstatt Family (and perhaps beyond) an upgrade of one of the proven instruments of Kentenich self-education: the Spiritual Daily Order as an App. “We cannot believe it! Two years ago we were doing the final tests to launch Agenvida [Lifeagenda], the online spiritual daily order. We did not imagine thatRead More
By Maria Emilia Vidal, Maria Fischer, Ani Souberlich, María Victoria Ramírez Jou • Daybreak at the National Shrine Tuparenda Paraguay and the pilgrims arrived…. Arrival of the first pilgrims Servants The Rosary Campaign team was ready to welcome the missionaries The bells for the Iglesia Santa Maria de la Trinidad [Holy Mary of the Trinity Church] that were blessed that day   Waiting Children praying the rosary The grounds were full on a cool and sunny day Bishop Francisco Pistilli, celebrant of the Mass at 9:00 a.m. They greeted him:Read More