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WORLD DAY OF THE POOR, message of Pope Francis • “When speaking of the poor, it is easy to fall into rhetorical excess. It is also an insidious temptation to remain at the level of statistics and numbers. The poor are persons; they have faces, stories, hearts and souls. They are our brothers and sisters, with good points and bad, like all of us, and it is important to enter into a personal relation with each of them.,” we read in Pope Francis’ message. This message, at this time ofRead More
HOLY LAND, Maria Fischer • “I carry your name to Bethlehem in the Holy Night”: what the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Dormition in Jerusalem have been doing for many years on the Holy Night has a special touch this year. In this Christmas marked by hatred, violence, and unimaginable suffering, they will carry the names of people from many nations and languages to Bethlehem. — “We are witnessing in these days a violence against children, women and men that can hardly be expressed in words. In deed andRead More
H3M, Maria Fischer • They still exist. Those neighbors, those people, those citizens you meet once in a lifetime at the checkout in the supermarket or in the parking lot… and who land and stay in the gratitude diary and in your heart and are “to blame” for the strength with which you face life and the challenges (and yes, the annoying ones). — Wednesday: shopping after work, quickly something for the office and drinks, salad and fruit and chocolate for the visit to the nursing home and… The lineRead More